Hot Weather

HI All

I am just after a little bit of help . I am off on holidays soon to warmer climates . In trying to tackle the heat issue I have seen that Neck Coolers etc can be of help. Can anyone advise of the best ones, which maybe you have used . There seems to be so many , with varying reviews .

Thanks a lot for any help


Hello ant, My symptoms get worse in the heat too… i have found that the heat abroad doesnt get to me quite as much, maybe its something to do with the humidity and having a nice cool pool nearby . I had a chillow, available on line and that helped, and use " magicool " spray which you can get from boots and keeps you cool even on a beach. Or, just a spray bottle with water kept in a cool bag works for me as well. As does lots of ice in the Gin.

have a great time


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Hi Carolyn

Thats great, thanks for advice. Especially the extra ice in the gin . This seems to be the best option here

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Hi, when I am too hot, I use a spray fan…just need to fill it with tap water. Or you could wipe yourself with wet wipes and then use a fan…it works well for me.

Enjoy your hols.


Hi Pol

Thats great too thanks . Interstingly I was told that the “Heat” abroad is different and does not tend to make people suffer as much . But I will ensure plenty of water is around and lots of cool spray !

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This place was set up by a woman with MS and they probably help a bit, but don’t expect miracles.

Hello, Ant.

I used to love my holidays abroad but the heat became too much. But I still think it a bit unfair that I should miss out just because of the poxy heat. The last time we had to plan meticulously but that was before the wheelchair which helps enormously. I used to accept that there would be times when I’d be really stuck. Thank you for that bit of inspiration to get off my Derry Air. Now where’s me passport?

Best wishes, Steve.

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