The heat is on!

So summer has arrived, and the weather forecast for the next few months is a bit of a heatwave. If you’re like most folk and enjoy hot weather I’m sure you feel “bring it on”

But if like me you find hotter weather, well, shall we say difficult, now is the time to get out the cooling scarves and set up the fans.

I’ve told my OH to prepare for “the moaning”

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Magicool spray is like instant refrigeration for the bits of you that suffer from the heat. I got some last year from a well known internet superstore (after reading about it on here, from Carole I think, thank you so much). It has now moved back into the drawer beside my bed for when it gets super hot at night and my feet and legs start behaving badly. (And my OH dislikes fans because ‘they are noisy’!)


I am dreading it. The heat affects me really badly like i cant even get off my recliner it just exhausts me. I think i am going to try that magicool spray.

I would rather live in Iceland lol…the winter is the best for me, i love the cold, and some days i can nearly walk ok, the heat well it brings out the concrete boots again.

It’s difficult isn’t it. I sit outside for 25 mins during the hottest bit of the day to get my vit D. Then it’s back inside doing everything I can to cool off.

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Just looked up magical and under ‘customers also buy’ there was an ‘ice towel’ can’t understand how it works, anyone tried it?

I was using Magicool before I got MS.

I’d take it on holiday to Greece.

Ha ha Albrecht Durer you have to always post after me - it looks like my little bat is on your ape’s head!

Nice photo. I bet Magicool helped you as a youngster in the jungle AD!


Thanks for tip… off to Barcelona in July, just ordered spray and towel.

Be prepared…

Jen xx

The ice towel has turned out to be surprisingly effective - I have it draped round my neck and over my chest as I type. Also you get a little workout when you shake it for 10 secs to activate it :slight_smile:

It really isn’t ice cold :wink: but it will be coming with me wherever I go this summer.

I have my fan on all night… what with the noise of that plus my air pumping mattress, it’s a wonder my oh gets any sleep!

I lie on my good ear!

No need for socks, odd nor matching, just now, is there? Saves on the washing!


Where are you lovely people getting magicool from? Been looking everywhere for it, but can’t find any xxx



Ive bought 6 of these from eBay for a quid (uk based sellers might cost more) they’re also known as sports towels, and I’ve given a couple to my sisters for the menopause!

Used dry they wipe off sweat, but run one under the cold tap for 5 seconds, squeeze out the dripping water and you’ve got an ice towel! Wear it round your neck, drape it round your bare shoulders, or wrap it like a turban and you’ve got instant relief, (don’t wrap your head if you’ve got good hair it’ll ruin it) when it warms up a bit remove it shake it for 5 seconds and it’s cold again.

I must admit I was sceptical until I tried one wet, I was so impressed I bought 5 more. They come in pink, blue, heather and I’m sure I saw some in other colours. I’m actually thinking about buying some more, they work well enough for me (the biggest heat moaner/loather) it’s not sunshine I hate it’s heat!

Such a hot sunny day yesterday - bit different today. l sat out in it [baring flesh] for several hours. Something l never used to be able to do. Finished one book and started another. Lazy b!tch, l know. Did go out early doors with the dogs though.

l think it is all the vitamin d l take since being on the Coimbra Protocol - l look as if l have been holidaying on a Greek lsland for a fortnight.[ Not with AD] And l do not feel burnt. Never use sun-cream anyway. Just a splatter of Astral last night [lf it is good for Joanna Lumley then it is good for me as we are similar age - and blonde]

Magicool and ice towel arrived today. Just in time for the thunder and lightening.

Don’t know the science behind the towel but it works.

Keep cool and carry on…

Jen x