Help please - my skin was on fire yesterday

Help please!! Wednesday and Thursday were very very hot days - typically 26C. Even indoors, I was uncomfortable and as the 2 days went on, so I became more and more uncomfortable. My skin became more and more sore and I had prickly heat all over. I had a large fan blasting away at me, but even this did little to settle my skin down. Even when I went to bed Wednesday and Thursday evening, my skin was still sore and I struggled to get to sleep as I could not lay down comfortably.

Thankfully, today (Friday) it is a lot cooler - about 17C - so I am a lot more comfortable, but sore in places due to the continual scratching that I was doing. Even during the heatwave we had in July my skin was not as bad as this, so I don’t know what has changed since then.

So now to help…I had my fan blasting away at me (and a ceiling fan on as well) and was coating my body in Diprobase cream 2-3 times a day. What else can I do? What do you people do who have this problem? My GP has got me an appointment to see a Dermatologist that was arranged 4 weeks ago following the previous hot days that ended up with my skin coming out in odd blotches, but that is on 22nd November so I need some kind of advice before that.

I would welcome and advice that can be offered.


Hi Dave. That sounds horrible :frowning: I’ve found the best thing for me is to have a tepid bath. I’ve also got cooling foot spray and run my wrists under cold tap every so often. I’ve not had the dermatological problems though. Hope it improves quickly now the weather has turned.

The Magicool spray is my lifesaver in the heat (my ankles burn, or feel like they’re burning anyway). Magicool is just water so won’t upset you skin. I tried the Boots own version one but I thought it was rubbish in comparison.

I only bought the magicool in the first place when I had prickly heat, it’s horrible so you have my sympathy on that one :frowning:

Sonia x

Yep. Magicool definitely works like magic! I’ve used it loads this summer on my burning feet…

Hi Dave,

Have you looked at any pills you are taking, what your experiencing could be a result of some meds, making you more heat sensitive. Also peripheral neuropathy can come into play with ms. It can cause either numbness, pain or altered sensation.

Make sure your not allergic to anything your washing your clothes in or eating, sometimes our systems can get upset by something we’ve not had problems with in the past. Im allergic to oregano - didnt know it until I came out in hives, also some washing powder, makes my whole system burn and I heat up.

If it continues ask your gp to do allergy testing. Some are reluctant however its a case of elimination.

In the meantime I would suggest bathing in bicarbonate of soda as it has a cooling effect on the body.

Hope you find the solution and can get some relief.