Magicool for hot puffy feet

Hi all

A little while ago, Sonia (nindancer) happened to mention something called Magicool. So I looked it up and subsequently bought some. I’ve been spraying it onto my burning hot, puffy feet at the end of a day and it’s brilliant. It’s an aerosol can that is an instant coolant. If I do it just as I get into bed it helps me to get to sleep as my feet and legs are suddenly more comfortable.

So thanks Sonia, brilliant product, and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone who suffers with the heat.


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Interesting, that. I knew about Magicool years ago and have been buying Boots/other supermarkets’ own versions which are ‘supposed to be the same’. Thing is - they aren’t - I bought some more of the real thing and it is very good indeed. I think it’s because it’s got alcohol in it (?) and the others don’t.

It’s not that easy to get hold of but my local pharmacy stocks it. It helps me with my heat control (lack of!) and Tecfidera flushes. Last night I had the worst/longest/uncomfortable one ever, and that’s after being on it almost 18 months!


I’m so glad you like it I’d hate it if anyone hated something I’d recommended and I love the suff.

Sonia x

I only get very occasional tec flushes but boy oh boy, I scratch myself so much! I now take it with full fat Onken in the morning, literally swallow the pill with the yoghurt rather than a drink, that seems to have worked quite well for me.

And yes, I tried th boots own version of cooling spray and I was really disappointed with it.

Hope you can avoid the flush as much as possible

Sonia x

Oops, they’ve come out in the wrong order, I’m a techno-phobe but I hope you both understand which comment is which x

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