Heat Intolerance

Did anybody else get affected by heat intolerance today. I felt quite unwell and knackered going out to pick up my wife this afternoon. Cant believe how quickly it went once I got back inside and into the cool.

Hi Yes, it always has the same effect on me, unfortunately. Take care and keep as cool as you can. Pam.

Yep, me too, I’ve been overheating all day even in the shade… I use my 2 cold packs used for my copaxone injections on my head!!! haha Works a treat :slight_smile:

hi me too i will just hide and shut all the curtains too keep the house cool xx

I had to do a nearly 90mins journey in the Tube in that heat yesterday… Off the scale fatigue, nausea, brain fog, mobility shot to hell,… HORRIBLE! My wonderful wonderful parents gave me the money to buy an air con unit earlier this summer - it is a godsend! So straight into the living room, closed the curtains, put the air con on, collapsed on the couch. Phew! Karen x

I sweat so much in hot weather, and if i do to much can feel quiet sick!!! and might have to take a cold shower then am ok again. Also if i go on holiday love the sun but need a pool handy to cool off. But the cold weather is much worse for me in other ways my legs and feet never ever get warm! getting out and about i hard but in the bad weather much much worse. I really hate winter i have legs that feel like they are going to snap with every movement. I think i get cabin fever in the dark cold days of winter.

I’ve been getting up at stupid-o’clock in order to get jobs done before it gets too hot. I always seem to be worse in the afternoon, usually around 4-5pm, until it cools back down. Just standing up for a few minutes can be hard work. Heather

i used to love summer and the sun but the heat just dose me in these days. The last few days iv had no energy what so ever and have just wanted to sleep all day and today has been no better

Hi, I have posted this before on the old site. I suggest getting a cooling vest from arctic heat . They are quite dear to buy but are the lightest around and easy to use. Just wet them and the beads soak up the water. dry the vest and put it the fridge or freezer depending how cold you want it. It gives you about two to three hours of cold which i find good. have a look at them on line. Graham

That’s a thing I don’t need to worry about living on the west coast of Scotland- we’ve had torrential rain the past few days :!:

Heck yeah, it’s awful. I try to cope with an air-purifier and fan, and don’t usually mind it too much (not as bad for me as the cold), but if I get stressed or someone annoys me… Well, that’s when it gets noisy round here! Thinking of you. Virginia

Hi, I suffered heat intolerance for approx 10 years it has gone completely after successful CCSVI procedure in December can now go out and enjoy the sun. Good luck Philip

I live in Scotland so the recent good weather didn’t come our way. But I happened to say that we had a good summer, received some odd looks but in realty it was a good summer for me not too hot. , ah back to temperature i can cope with