Heat intolerance?


I have read about Uhthoff’s Phenomenon, and it talks about how heat makes symptoms worse.

I definitely have a problem with heat but I think it might be a bit different: I end up feeling really sick and dizzy and legs like jelly, and it takes me ages to cool off. When I was super hot in Mexico about 18 mos ago, I noticed one of my feet felt numb around the toes.

Equally in the winter, I noticed that there were times when I got quite cold, and I would get into bed with the duvet on me, and wearing a thick jumper and shiver for over an hour before I warmed up.

I always thought something was “off” with my thermostat, but since the OpticN and MS has reared it’s ugly head, I am wondering if it is connected.

I am due to go on holiday in a couple of weeks - to Egypt (which is just a little toasty this time of year!) and wondering whether I will be OK?

Leah :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m the same but only with heat. I overheat so easily, with the same symptoms as you. In fact it can be so bad I sit on the floor wherever I am before I collapse :s I’ve just been away to Mallorca and what I did was: 1) always have cold water to hand. We would chill bottles of water in the fridge and take them out with us. If you find a slush puppy machine, get one! I had a slush on very hot days( not sure if they are in Egypt though) 2) if you hire a car, use the aircon…I had it on full blast ! 3) take a cool pack with you. I got mine from amazon and chilled that too. 4) a hand held fan, I always take one out with me, can cool you down very quick. 5) a water spritzer to spray your face 6) wear suitable clothing. Loose is better but whatever you feel comfortable in. Try to stay in shade as much as you can. When we went to the beach, I was sat under an umbrella. Nice relaxation and keeps you a lot cooler. That’s all I can suggest but I’m sure someone else may have something to help too. Best of luck xxx

Hi Beverley, Thanks for your reply. I’m right in thinking you are Dxed? I am not yet, still waiting to find out… I am sort of pleased to hear someone else experiences this, I had only heard about it causing vision problems. Thanks for your advice, it was really helpful. At least in Egypt the plan will be to relax in the pool and snorkel in the sea for the most part, so that should keep me cool most of the time. Need to be careful not to burn too I expect (I am anyway as a redhead!) I have ordered a handheld fan from ebay which also sprays water so that should be good for cooling me, but wondered what you meant by a cool pack? I must admit, based on last time I went to Egypt, my main concerns are the transfers, and the evenings. They are the times when you aren’t wet. If you know what I mean… Anyhow thanks Beverly, Leah :slight_smile:

Hey Leah, no problem :slight_smile: the cool pack I mentioned is on Amazon, type in cool pack or cooling aids. It’s a blue rectangle, the material is that of those blood pressure cuffs, so it’s quite tough. It’s filled with some kind of gel that stays cool when chilled for quite some time. It can also be used with heat for those who need heat. It’s really good and has cooled my brain down many times :slight_smile: yep, I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago now. My last relapse was so bad that the doc confirmed it. I’ve still got to have another MRI to see if I qualify for treatment or not. :s The fan you got sounds great and will defiantely be good for that quick cool down when you need it. Try not to get sunburn if possible , not always easy. But being in water as it evaporates on your skin will be a nice cooler :slight_smile: I hope you have a brilliant time. I really enjoyed mine. Just try to remember your cooling strategies and you’ll be fine :slight_smile: xxxx

Extreme temperatures effect me greatly. When I go abroad I always make sure I have a parasol and I’m close to the pool so I can cool off quickly. Last year I spent more time in the pool than I did out of it, a bit difficult with holiday reading but i would have to stay at home if I didn’t. Thank goodness for Air Con. Jan x

Thanks Beverley and Janhhh… The heat thing does make you wonder how people who live in those countries manage with it! I have bought a cooling towel which I thought would be a bit lighter to have in my bag - not sure if it works but we will see, it arrives today (I’m at work till 730) so I will report back tomoro!!! I’ve also bought myself factor 40 sun tan lotion, and now Janhhh you have got me thinking. I normally use a kindle to read cos I can make the print bigger when my eyes are bad, so maybe I’ll take some print books instead in case it falls in the water! Getting excited now, I love snorkelling so going to want to be in the sea - it’s honestly like snorkelling in an aquarium out there :smiley: Leah :slight_smile: