Hot weather and comments !!

Hi All

Hope you are doing ok?

Well for me it has started… the withering looks I mean.

I love the warm weather but as for so many here, it doesn’t love me. The warmer weather totally closes me down. I become housebound and get cabin fever.

When people comment “love the warmer weather” etc etc I have stopped trying to explain its effects on me.

If I do people give me that look. You know the one. Somewhere between “stop being so bah humbug” and “can’t you find anything positive to say. What is wrong with you?!”.

Looking forward to a summer of those looks! So now I just don’t comment.

Anyone else getting annoyed with this particular problem??


Not annoyed, cos nothing we can do will change the weather. If people say “Isn’t it lovely” I say, “Yes it is, hope you enjoy it” Our British obsession with conversations about the weather is commonplace.

It’s not nice for us MS folks, as we drop like flies from heat exhaustion or have to go out, but no use whatsoever in grumbling about things we cannot change. Getting annoyed will only bring on stress & anxiety. Vicious circle eh?

Hope you can stay cool as possible Anne, cool showers help even rinsing pulse points on wrists under a cold tap helps. Good luck

Chrissie x.


i cant change/control it so dont moan as theres no point.

fan? cold water to wrists? sit inside? towel/facecloth in fridge?

or just grin as u already said!


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for me there is no point being annoyed. It is just one more thing that those who don’t understand how we feel.

I understand your irritation but suggest that you put your energy into making yourself comfortable.


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You are all right of course. I will try not to get irritated. Just sit and smile. Promise!! X

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Please don’t get me wrong, the reflex of feeling irritated is perfectly reasonable, it is just how we respond to these reflexes. There are still times I become incandescent with rage, but when I can count to 10 and respond with a “considered” response I spend an awful lot less valuable energy.

All the best


Hi Anne

Is it friends who do that, or people you don’t really know? I can’t say I’ve ever had anyone give me those looks, regardless if it’s someone I know or a stranger. The only looks/reactions I’ve ever had are either curiosity/interest, or sympathy/empathy. So they’re either surprised as they never knew that, and wonder why heat affects us. Or they say that sounds horrible for you, or show empathy by saying that they don’t like it either when it gets too hot.


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Hi Anne,

I totally agree with what Mick says about trying not to get too irritated by other people’s comments but I’m not sure about your promise to just sit there and smile!

Twinkle Toes x