Hot! Hot!!! Hot!!! HOTTTT!! 8)x

Mornin All!

Has anyone noticed it’s HOT!! - annoyingly Hot? lol

I’m hiding on the sofa!

On the few occasions when I have ventured out into the garden it’s been a very quick turn around & run back in!!

I’m like that Fosters beer advert Lizard!! Hot Hot Hot!!! Hot Hot!!! Hottt HOTTTT HOTTT!!!

Eww!! xxxjenxx

Hi Jen, I think the weather is going to be more bearable today. Thank goodness! I couldn’t stand it for much longer - nothing has been working very well at all. Hope all us MSers affected badly by the heat will feel some relief today. Teresa xx

Goodmorning Jen.

It was 37 C in Tycroes on Thursday.

I am going to hide today.B had a friend staying over Friday night and felt I had to take them to the park,with a few other children,I had the Baclofen doubled on Friday and the combination of the heat and meds has made me feel totaly rotten.

Im going to stay in and clean…

I feel terrible.Every symptom is worsened by the sun and the heat.Not good for any of us MSers at all.

I was so ill yesterday I either fell asleep or passed out on the park bench yesterday.The fatigue is terrible.

Oh the joys of being US…

I do feel for you greatly as many of us do,we are suffering while others bake and burn there skin.


Well I made the mistake of sitting out with my book for half hour yesterday. It wasn’t even direct intense heat but thought it would be good to get some proper vitamin D and I kept some loose clothing on. Had a massive headache yesterday and now my bowels are all over the place (on my fourth toilet trip in 4 hours - gross I know) and I’ve got pins and needles on my hand, ankle, tongue and head. Just as I’m getting over the TN - I’m officially hiding from the sun now.

My other halfs just rolling his eyes - you hot the cold and you hate too hot - make up your mind he says!

Don’t know what I’m going to do in Cyprus on our family holiday in July - having second thoughts now.