Sunny weather

Hi all,

It’s been a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and a higher temperature than of late… finally summer is on it’s way. I like it when it’s warm but not too warm as my MS goes haywire. I just wondered how it affects you and what do you do to deal with it?

Twinkle Toes x

I love sunny days twinkle but today has been a bit hot , I’m glad cause summer is coming but I feel more tired and a bit sick and more weaker than normal. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Today has been a bit warm 21o (apparently) I didn’t realize how warm it was till I went out as my house is quite cool which is just as well sometimes. I don’t like it when it goes above 22o as that’s just too hot and sickly and like you it makes my fatigue worse but I also find that my pain increases to the point I don’t know what to do with myself.

However, on the plus side it’s nice to be able to sit out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, the flowers, the wildlife and the fresh air.

Twinkle Toes x

P.S. Hope all is well with Frazer now x

Thanks Twinkle he has finished his antibiotics and is much better. I’ve woken up this morning feeling very tired and my legs feel weaker than normal in fact my whole body does . But its another beautiful day and my birds are singing and eating all of the sunflower hearts that Lee put out for them. Lee’s doing his carers assessment with a lovely lady called Denise from Cheshire west carers , I hope he doesn’t get upset, it’s quite an emotional subject when they ask how you cope…he s brilliant we’ve both been carers for a 3 of our children affected by autism for years now but since I’ve got I’ll Lee seems to be doing the lions share and he now has to help out with me too. How are you doing Twinkle toes ? Do you have children ? I’m glad that you’ve joined our forum it had got a little bit quiet recently . It’s a life line for a lot of us it’s good that you are on here often. Take care. Michelle and Frazer xx

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I sat in the garden all afternoon yesterday it was lovely to feel warm for once, although when it was time to come in I needed help as my legs had turned to mush, I plan to do the same today when I finish work and all day tomorrow

Hi Flappy Feet,

Aww, that sounds like a good idea making the most of the sun but try not to overdo it, and yes, it makes a change us being warm rather than cold… I’m quite happy in-between.

It’s another glorious day out there people but stay safe.

Twinkle Toes x

Morning Michelle & Frazer,

Oh that’s great news about Frazer I’m so happy for you both (all).

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve woken up feeling very tired and weak today it could be down to the change in the temperature and weather maybe? Hopefully you’ll be able to rest but still enjoy the sunshine with it and the birds singing too… I can only hear my neighbours having their gardens done (my gardener comes next week I’d be lost without him).

Thank-you for sharing about Lee and your children. He and you both sound like you’re doing an excellent job (job’s not the right word I want to use I don’t think but my brains gone blank, sorry), anyway, given all the circumstances it sounds like you’ve got a lovely family and you help each other out the best you can and that’s what it’s all about. I’m sure Lee doesn’t mind doing the ‘lion’s’ share (as you put it) he’s probably a very proud man.

Thank-you also, for your lovely comment about me joining the forum, yes, it is (has) been a lifeline for me (and many others I imagine) tbh I wish I’d had the courage to join sooner as this is what I need… people who understand this horrible disease.

Hope all goes well for Lee today.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

[quote=“Twinkle Toes”] I just wondered how it affects you and what do you do to deal with it?

Twinkle Toes x

[/quote] Love the warmer weather. The Pub is just across the road with a beer garden. So you can probably guess where I am. I walk as though I`m drunk anyway.

Hi Twinkle Toes

Like everyone I have been so looking forward to the cold weather easing up, but also don’t look forward to the very intense heat as it makes my fatigue awful. I don’t do very well with either intense heat or cold, but at the moment I am so enjoying listening to the birds singing.

Hope you’re doing ok.

Pam x

Hi Scudger,

That’s great that you’re loving the warm weather.

With the Pub being across the road I’m guessing you’re sitting out in the Beer Garden and why not, so enjoy.

Mind you, with you already walking like you’re drunk you’ve probably got some folk tutting as they’ll think you’ve been drinking all afternoon.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Pam,

Lovely to hear from you again.

I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to better weather but not the heat.

I wasn’t feeling too bad when I put the post on this morning but I’ve just dipped and have had to come for a lie down as I’m shaking with the pain and feel very tired. I so hate it when it does this but I will have to muster up some energy for later as I have to go out (I would cancel but unfortunately I can’t as it’s important).

I’m so glad you’re enjoying the birds singing, as I said to Michelle earlier the only thing I’ve been listening to is the Gardeners as they’re out in force today. Although, I did watch and hear a couple of my neighbours cats having a stand off earlier that’s probably why there’s no birds singing today.

Take care.

Twinkle Toes x

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Hiya all,

It has been glorious today and seems it will be similar tomorrow! On the subject of cats, the neighbour’s cat seemed to want a set-to with my two but mine were enjoying lazing in the sun so much that they completely ignored him (and the birds on next doors feeder!). My cats must be really lazy compared with your neighbours cats Twinkle Toes!

Tippy x

Oh Scudger,

Haha that’s absolutely hilarious :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

Very funny Scudger…that could be me , that’s exactly what I mean when I say I’m turning to mush. Michelle and Frazer xx

Evening Tippy,

How’s you, Hope you’re ok?

Yes, it’s been lovely, it got a bit too warm for me earlier and I had to go and lie down but I’m feeling better than I was. Oh, so it’s going to be similar weather tomorrow I haven’t seen or heard the weather report but I shall bear that in mind, thank-you.

Wow, you’re cats must of been well sunning themselves if they didn’t even bother with the birds nevermind the neighbours cat. There are a number of cats round here and two of them are a bit territorial and really big with it, not quite sure what they’ve been fed!!! My neighbour next door has 3 cats and one of them likes to come into mine for a tickle and a treat I open the door and he just wanders in lol

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

I’m sorry, I hope you (or anybody else) didn’t take offence when I laughed at the post that Scudger put on.

Twinkle Toes x

No not at all …we are allowed to laugh at our selves Twinks , please never worry . It’s good old gallows humour. Michelle and Frazer xx

Afternoon Michelle & Frazer,

Hope you’re both doing ok today as we have another warm & sunny day. I don’t think it’s as warm as it has been as I’ve not ventured out yet (hoping to though).

I’m glad you weren’t offended as sometimes you just don’t know how other people will react and as I’m still new here I don’t know you all properly yet.

You’re right though about us laughing at ourselves I have to laugh off a number of the things I do especially when I hit myself in the face when attempting to scratch my nose lol I figure that I can either laugh it off or cry, and I know which one’s better.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Twinkle Toes

I haven’t been on here recently. So hello. Don’t worry about offending here. I think we mostly understand the problems we encounter with MS.

I have just posted over on Everyday Living about the hot weather and comments if you are interested.

I have PPMS but it seems a lot of us post over there too. I didn’t realise. So I am going to hop between the two boards now.

Enjoy yr day.