hot Hot HOT

London’s burning… yes indeed it is might hot out there.

I’ve got the blinds down, the new space-age fan on (Wow it’s good!)… so I’m living like a litte mole (well more like a giant mole).

Set the fan to turn itself off after an hour last night… and woke up some time later boiling… so tonight I’ll be setting on the max of 4 hours.

Hope you’re all keeping cool?

Love to all,

Pat x (wishing Uthoff’s would £uck off… LOL…)

I’m just about to have a really looooong shower, I’m rubbish in this heat!

I always did avoid the sun (ooops, silly me!)

Sonia x

It is terrible guys - I knew I’d struggle. My legs really suffer. They don’t want to work at all. A blast of air from the Arctic would be good right now! Teresa xx

I feel like a piece of old soggy lettuce …that can’t sleep!

Sorry, but I feel great! The sun has the opposite effect on me; brings me alive, gives me loads of energy.

It’s the cold/dark that does me in. Back in Feb/March I was really struggling. But now, am on top of the world.

Have always been an outdoorsy sort of guy, and did spend my childhood living overseas in hot climates, so maybe that’s it? Horses for courses etc.

I was just reading yesterday (and I’ve already forgotten where!) that some MSers have a reverse Uhthoff’s Syndrome… ie do better in hot weather.

So there you go… you reverse Uhthoff’s Syndrome person you!

Pat x

Sorry folks but I’m also enjoying the weather. Feel the fatigue a bit more and get prickly heat and become dizzy if I spend time in the sun but pain has improved. Odd really as I can’t tolerate hot shower. I also grew up in warmer climes so get really down in the long dark winter. My mood is lifted with the sunshine.

Take care, I’ll probably be on ready to slit my wrists in February.

Cath x