anyone find sunshine is helping lift some fatigue?

Im a long term sufferer of ms fatigue and was beginning to think it would never go. Alas over these past few days (only few of course) Ive found new strength and enthusiasm - but wonder how long it will last.

Anyone else found this lovely weather has made one feel tons better, even if it is short term? Wonder if there is an element of vit.d3 boosting the system.



sorry Bren,but the sun and the heat just makes me worse,but so does the cold,its extremes of heat or cold with my early dyas of ms, the sunshine helped me though.

jaki xx

I`m with jaki on this one heal floors me too.

Personally find the heat makes the fatigue worse, just don’t seem to mind as much as the sunshine makes me happier!

The heat knocks me out, and if its slightly cool… I freeze But the heat is a real killer for me. My thermometer seems to have packed in

Hi Bren,

I find if it’s really warm like in my office I am useless and have to go to bed. If it is just a bit warm then that definitely makes me feel better with a bit of sunshine. I am also useless when it is really cold as well but the heat is worse! I can’t win with my body!

Can’t claim to have made much headway with my ever-lengthening list of unfinished (mostly unstarted!) tasks, but I do feel generally better in myself, in the warmer, drier weather.

Not so great this morning, though. Woke up from yet another nightmare - which this time involved me being prosecuted for travelling one stop further than my ticket allowed, on the tube. The difference in ticket price was a trivial 7p (I know it would be more in real life), but I was fined over £172, and got a conviction for “fraud”. I had a form to fill in, to enter my defence - which was that it had been a genuine mistake (which it had), and also that I’m not well, and get a bit absent-minded sometimes. But somehow I could not complete the form or get it filed in time, so the court didn’t get to know about the mitigating circumstances - I also didn’t get a chance to highlight to them that it was about just 7p - hence the whopping fine!

Woke up, and although I know it’s only a dream, can’t quite shake off the feeling that I’m in big trouble.

On top of that, although the MS is fairly well-behaved, my nose is running like a tap, to the extent I’m having to carry a loo roll with me from room to room, as I’m using up tissue at such a rate. I’ve only ever been a marginal hayfever sufferer, but I gather the late Spring has made it particularly bad this year, with everything flowering at once, to make up for lost time. Maybe that’s why I’m affected more than usual.



afraid it knackers me and try explaining this usual reply is a cant cope with the heat, but how to explain it is as if someone switches off your power to your legs and arms

I love the heat! It is my little reprieve from pain! And like you, Bren, I feel a lot more energetic. i still have a short nap in the afternoon, but generally I feel quite good. Mind you, it hasn’t been very humid, and although that doen’t floor me, it does slow me down:))

Heat makes me worse but we haven’t really had any here in Hunny! We did have a bit of sunshine over the weekend but the rather fresh easterly breeze off the sea has kept temperatures rather chilly and I’m still wearing winter woollies :(. Much as I dislike very hot temperatures, I wish it would warm up a bit. I think it is a lot warmer inland. I think I need to move …

Tracey xx (sitting next to a heater in ‘flaming June’)

Hi Everyone,

I think really the sunshine helps with mood and elevates us because we’ve not seen so much over the past few years. I know lots of msers are really floored by the extra heat/cold, Im usually affected too, however this time because its not been red hot, its helped me overcome the never ending fatigue, be it a few days out of the year.

Ill have to party on those days if and when they come, then Ive something to be fatigued about then rather than the bloomin ms doing its thing. Anyone else for a knees up (I wish) (:o)

Thanks all for your comments - sharing life with other msers makes it all worthwhile, thank you for contributing.



Hi bren, as much as the good weather cheers me up, the heat knocks me for 6.

Glad to hear it does you good hun.

luv Pollx


Ive found its really helped maybe because its not really hot just comfy and sunny I feel better than I have for months more energy a little less achey etc.

Sorry its not had the same effect for everyone

Ellie xx

I am with Amanda the recent heat has relieved the pain - now its got cold again the pain is back … I’m looking forward to summer - this winter has been extremely paijnful for me and my walking has been dreadful. Carol

The heat is a killer for me, but it is like Autumn here in Suffolk anyway.