Hi, Well, it’s 21.4C in the lounge and 60% humidity and yet I’m absolutely freezing. We have an open coal fire in the lounge, and last night it got up to 24C and I was still wrapped up in a blanket! My husband says my internal thermostat is totally…erm…broken. I’m wondering if the weather has something to do with it, ie. the pressure. If it was warm and sunny outside, I’m sure it’d be a different story. Think I’ll do a bit of research. Maybe when the weather forecast comes on telly and talks about low and high pressure, I can combine that with temperature and humidity to build up a picture of how I’ll probably be. Anyone feeling the same? Heather

I think the thermostat bit is spot on :wink: I’m guessing he said f***ed, as that’s how I feel about mine!

I have aways had cold feet but now I actually can’t tell as they feel hot a lot of the time (I literally do a touch test and put socks on as needed) but I wouldn’t know without checking a lot of the time otherwise.

But now, this evening, in boots, jeans and a thick fleece, I’m freezing! I want a hot bath which is a no go for me as I won’t be able to stand to get out :frowning: Grrrrr. I sleep with my dressing gown on top of the duvet (admittedly it’s not a heavy tog one yet) as it seems wrong to have a hot water bottle just yet!!!

Keep warm :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Me too! I’m always freezing. It’s standing joke in my family that I’m always dressed as if I’m going to the Antarctic whilst my husband & kids are in t-shirts and shorts. I’ve got to say though - and I’m aware I sound like an old biddy- I love my electric blanket! I’ve got a single one on my side of the double bed (my husband is always too hot and likes a cold bed) and I switch it on 10 minutes before I go to bed & it’s always really toasty when I get in. Best thing I’ve ever bought! Jane xx

Jane, I am stealing that idea!!!

My husband us the same. I’m lucky as he brings me up a hot water bottle with no complaints when it’s cold but he likes the summer duvet on all year, not so bad as he’d put the amazing feather-bed (mattress topper) on when it was cold and that is so snuggy… but he threw it away when he took it off the bed last as it was looking a bit tired :frowning:

Electric blankie sounds perfect :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Yep me too although not dx. My feet always feel like ice and I sit with blankets over them when other people are in shorts oddly to actual touch they’re not always as cold as I feel like they are if that makes sense Axx

I’m another cold person, socks, thermal underwear, single electric blanket and 3 duvets on my side of the bed etc.

A well known Germann supermarket that’s winning lots of awards had an electric throw on sale a couple of weeks ago.

With 9 heat settings - bought one for my father in law but now thinking I should keep it for myself.

Keep warm

Jen x

I used to say my thermostat was broken too.

It’s pancreatic insufficiency.

Just out of interest, have you actually taken your temperature?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve looked up pancreatic inefficiency and it really doesn’t seem to fit my particular circumstances. For me, I think it’s more likely to be low blood pressure. I ought to drink more water and add a bit of salt to my diet. I don’t drink as much as I should as I produce a lot of saliva and very rarely feel thirsty. Worth a try. Thanks again…

Just out of interest, did you take your temperature?

I never did and don’t know anyone that does, but it seems such a simple thing to establish if our body temperature is sub-normal or not.

I mean, you take the dog to the vets and what is the first thing he does? Okay, not that particular route maybe, but it is the first port of call!

No, I haven’t taken my temperature. I bought one of those ear thermometers when the boys were babies, but it’s in the bathroom cabinet and I can’t get in that bathroom for all the toys on the floor! We’re lucky in that we also have an en-suite which I use. We had it converted into a wet room in 2008 and it is usually a child-free zone, although they do like the shower in there and you do need wellies after they’ve been in! :slight_smile: