I know hard to believe but I am v.cold…in bed with jumper on,. Hands like ice…don’t feel great, maybe something starting r maybe dreaded relapse. Any advice r similar experience?

hi rose

i’m the same, going from hot flushes to shivering.

its as though my internal thermostat is on the blink.

if you’re no better tomorrow, phone the doctor and get checked out.

i’m so glad i got a decent telly for my bedroom!

carole x

My temperature control is shot. It is 23 in my sitting room right now but I am shivering. I’ve got a thick cardi over a jumper but I’m still cold. I’d put the central heating on but it’s August for gods sake. I’m like princess and the pea (in reverse ) in bed. I have 3 lightweight quilts which I cast off one by one as I get too warm but I start off frozen. I have a pair of fluffy socks under my pillow and a fleece top in easy reach if I need them. Goodness knows how I’ll get on in the winter. Last year I had thermal leggings under my pjs. I


Thought this was just me, the last few days had my heating on And hiding under my furry blanket, I never usually feel the Cold.


I’m constantly cold so I got an electric blanket a few years ago. I LOVE it! It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. As my husband hates a warm bed I got a single size blanket which fits on my half of our bed. We’re both happy with our respective bed temperatures!

Other than that, I nearly always wear knee high ski socks as my feet suffer the most, and a thermal vest. …and that’s just during summer; don’t get me started on my winter wear!!

jane xx