cold bed

Please help!!

When i go to bed the bed feels like a block of ice…i have a fleecy sheet and an electric blanket but i still feel the cold through all of this. Does anyone have any tips for me?? all i want is a good nights sleep

oh i’m jealous!

i’m always baking hot in bed.

is the bedroom cold? if it is try using a fan heater for 10 minutes before you go to bed.

try wearing thermal long johns and thermal t shirt maybe?

hope you warm up soon

carole x

I always start the night frozen but wake up half way through absolutely boiled so I have to have layers that I can cast off.

I start with two duvets (both summer weight) fleecy top and socks. When I get too warm I can throw off a duvet, reduce to a vest top and cast off the socks. If I am slightly cold I know that I won’t get to sleep so this is the best solution for me.



I’ve just started having that! I’m not sure if it’s the MS, or my age, or a bit of both.

I struggle to change the sheets (or duvet cover), these days, so it’s really frustrating to get into a newly made bed, but then wake up in a sweat, and feel as if it all needs changing again. I can’t change it every time this happens - I’d be worn out - so I have to make do with what I now feel is an unclean bed.

I haven’t switched over to the lightweight “Summer” duvet yet - I thought it would be tempting fate, and it would start snowing next week!

But perhaps it’s time to think about going over.