Well - that plan didn’t work out the way it was supposed to! :frowning:

It being a cold, but nice night, I thought I’d get a bit of exercise and have a nice stroll up to the corner shop and back but got to the top of the road and promptly skidded on a completely invisible patch of black ice and ended up on my back! It took me ages to get to my feet again and the shop closed before I could get there.

So please, all my fellow forum users, be extra careful if you’re popping to the shops for a pint of milk, you might come back home with a few extra bruises instead!

I hope you’re ok Linda. This weather is vile x

Oh bums! had you gone for choccy by any chance and not got any?

Hope your feelin better hun.


Ha ha, no Poll, I already had some! Needed some milk to make a lovely milky coffee, I had to make do with watery weak tea instead yukkk!

I’m OK now but a fall outside like that makes you feel so unsure of your footing, it took me half an hour to get there and a full hour to come back, and it was only the corner shop two streets away!

Anyway, whatever the weather, try not to get too chummy with the pavements!!

Take care

Oh dear not good if it was me and I landed on my behind,I’d probably bounce right back up!

Hope your bruies are not too bad!

Sending you big hugs ((((((((()))))))))

Freckles xxx