fancy a laff?

Hallo guys!

Well it is just like winter here…`orrible!

Went out yesterday for a bit of retail therapy and some much needed fresh air, as hadnt been out for several days.

Enjoyed the shop and a slice of carrot cake with squirty cream.

Hubby had delivered us to the shop, but I felt like more fresh air and so we set off to walk/wheel the 15 minute journey home.

Just as we were underway, it started hailing! I had my sunglasses on, as i was determined to pretend it was summer! Sis put my raincover on me, and off we went again. Just as we were about to cross a road, a fire engine came hurtling towards us, we stopped in our tracks to let it go and then a gust of wind blew my cape up and over my face, sending my sunglasses sideways. Help, I cant see! I yelled. Sis hadnt noticed as she was busy watching the road and huddling under her brolly.

Nor did she notice one of the brolly`s spokes was stuck in my ear!!!

Oi! I yelled again. Get that out of my ear!

She did so and pulled my cape down and we laughed so much we mustve looked a right sight......Youve been framed wouldve gained us 250 quid, Im sure.

I promptly phoned hubby to come and rescue us from our jaunt out!

Oh, I`d bought a top I dont like on me and it needs to go back. Hubby can take it for me!

luv Pollx

great tale poll!

you should do stand up!

carole x

But I can`t…I keep faliing over!


Excellent tale! Bev x

Hahaha can just imagine it Poll…

We had hail here as well. Settled for a few minutes and looked like snow!

Pat x

Today it is warm/hot sunshine all the way.

So why am I indoors doing this?

Had a good intake of vit D earlier. Will go for some more anon.

luv Pollx

John and I got sunburnt in Whitby on Wednesday, blew off the cliffs in Scarborough with occasional downpours, don’t ya just love British weather! Your image was brilliant Poll :smiley: xx Sara x