SNOW! (stop yawning... someone had to start it!)

Yes folks… here in north London the white stuff has been coming down in bucket-loads for 5 hours and still going strong. It’s very white out there… and very quiet…

Keep warm. Keep safe.

Night all,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Well it’s snowing down here in Maidstone, Kent. Blooming stuff, hope it goes as quickly as it came.

As you say keep warm and well and heck to the gas bill…!!!


Love Janet x

I’m about 12 miles north of Heathrow and it’s getting pretty thick here.

My daughter is in London and has to get back to Reading tomorrow by car. Not looking good!

Very pretty though!

Karen x

Im in fife scotland, no snow here, just jack frost.


Been snowing all day in the Staffordshire Peaks untill about an hour ago.So it’s pretty thick but looks beautiful.

Planning to build a snowman tomorrow,xxjo

Here in Hampshire absolutely no snow. My son was out in Winchester last night - five miles north. There was loads but we only had a little flutter. Then it poured with rain! Teresa xx

I’m in Yorkshire and its thick and settled deep here - my wheelchair won’t be able to get through this so don’t think I’ll be able to get to work tomorrow.

Mary ;-)))

Oh Gail here’s some virtual snow for you…

Pretty eh?

Actually I would rather have cold than hot so you have my full sympathy.

Have a good (and hopefully cool) day.

Pat x

I was feeling optimistic yesterday as it was coming down nicely and settling but then the snow turned to rain This morning it’s wonderfully sunny and not really that cold!!! All very strange. Oh well looks like i’m still going to be able to get to work this week!!! lol

Be careful out there all of you



I was in North London yesterday for a football match and can confirm it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey. Fortunately, the avalanche of goals provided a pleasing distraction.

It did provide another example of how my body works better in the cold though and I positively romped (sort of) back to the car afterwards. Funny business this MS lark.

I’m in Aberdeen in Scotland and no snow here. Was sleety snow as we headed out of town yesterday morning but ok back in town. Cheryl:)

The snow is about five inches deep here, but thankfully it looks as if it is slowly melting. I will be pleased to see the back of it, as it is hard work keeping the birds well fed. This morning, one jackjaw flew off with a quarter of a Quiche Lorraine before the little birds could share it!

Keep well wrapped up,


We have about 5 inches of snow in Norwich, Norfolk and it is lovely but then I love the snow. I’m just hoping the roads are going to be clear enough to go and see my MS nurse tomorrow. Our dog loves the snow and she has been running round the garden trying to eat as much as she can but our chicken wont come out of there coop and it is the first snow they have seen.

Try and keep warm all

Allie xxx

Many congratulations on your engagement Rebecca - a candlelt dinner for 2 sounds great - I’m sure other celebrations can be resheduled.

Love is lovely ;-))))) Mary

Congratulations on your engagement Rebecca, hope you will both be very happy. Lot more dinners to come.

As for the snow it’s about 6" deep in Kent and thawing fast (I hope)

Love Janet x

Im in kendal, It was snowing here yesterday from 11am to 7pm last night, it was deep and luks like narnia outside now lol, i went to chuch in it this morning, worst thing everm I aint going bk out there untill the whole lot has gone, It made my legs more sore.

Congratulations Rebecca - what happy news! Teresa xx

Congratulations Rebecca !!

we have noooooooooooo snoooooooooooooow in Devon

but we do have 2 very grumpy kids that had built a sledge in antisipation of a good weekends sledging

they did make it out of huge pieces of 4by2 with thick slats of yorkshire bording as seats (hubby builds agricultural sheds) and its taking both of them (teens) to drag it round the garden. father Christmas could use it as a spare!!

Hi all, well we did have a prolonged snowfall yesterday, but as we live in a valley, all the snow has gone today.

I found it interesting to read about different areas and snow BUT I was gobsmacked to read that Scotland diidn`t have any!

Fancy that!

luv POllx

Congratulations Rebecca

Karen x