It`s snowing

Morning troops!

Here in my bit of lala land it`s snowing!

I`m in Elland West Yorkshire.

Is it doing the same in your world?

Tell us if it is and where you are please.


Lower part of Huddersfield West Yorkshire here, well Bouds already knows that ,only sleet, but friends just live a couple of miles away and their getting a lot…it’s not fair, I’d love some, just to brighten things up you understand…not that I’m a big kid, LOL.

Jean x

Not yet Bouds here in Gloucestershire but very cold and the sky looks full of it.

Take care on that sledge!

Pam x

Nothing here Bouds! Very cold tho. Anne x

we had a light covering in Leeds this morning x

My sister lives in Clayton West Jean.

Ah, not to far from me jaydee. x

It was snowing lightly earlier today but hasn’t stuck.

Blimey it’s been chuffing freezing though

when my sons were little I bought some plastic sleds not knowing if they’d have a chance to use them but a week later we had a thick coating of snow.

Me, husband and sons piled into the landrover and drove to a nearby hill, then had races.

Me and eldest son won! It was because we were lighter then husband and youngest son.

However we kept on flying down until we “crashed” into a huge snow drift.


We have beautiful snow covered hills here in the Lake District. Nothing lying at lower levels but lovely to look at.

Can I chime in? We got 6" (15 cm) on Monday! It missed our local record in one day by 1 cm. Sadly, it’s all melted off now. The back yard looked so pretty.

Not a snowflake in sight today. Quite bright and fresh, but I aint going nowheres!


Turn the heating up and watch this original footage from the winter of 1963.

BBC iPlayer - Winterwatch - 1963 - The Big Freeze

Ha yes Whammel,

My mum had just given birth to my sister, and I was starting school.

Poor mum, she sat me on top of the pram (one of those big carriages from the 1950s) and then really struggled to push it through knee deep snow!

They made them tough in those days, I’d have given the kids a day off!

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