Its been a long time, please can you help, burnt and heat sensitivity

Hello everyone,


Its been so long since i have been on here.  Too much to go into now. Also  all i get is a one time log in so it puts me off because i cannot remember the password.  I just get sidetracked.


Gerard burnt his back on his hot water bottle, (been on steriods (Prednisolone 5mg) for a few weeks for a bad relapse).  The side effects is back pain.  He has three long blisters (now shrinked and dried).


He fell asleep on it but could not feel the pain of the hot water bottle. Can anyone tell me about heat sensitivity and nerve endings not feeling degrees of hot and cold.  Is it something we are going to have to watch for and is his skin (like his injection scar) prone to necrosis ( i think that the term).  Is it something i am going to have watch for as i am worried about scar or injuries taking a long time to heal.


How do i get a permanent password or does everyone have to log in once.

Its been horrible these past few months but we have had some personal success with winning a tribunal.  Gerard is struggling we both are without regular sleep.  


Can anyone help, Hope everyone is alright.  


Many thanks, ( i will try to get back on board again)


love and best wishes


sandra and gerard. 





Not sure that I can help you with the password issue. I used to have the problem of logging in all the time but it’s sorted now. (Nothing I did)
I too have terrible trouble remembering logins and passwords (I’ve got so many) so I bought a piece of software to do it for me. I use 1password but there are lots out there – some free ones too.

On the hotwater bottle issue I would suggest a wheat bag. They don’t get so hot, never leak and are not unpleasant when they get cold. They heat up in the microwave in a couple of minutes – mine has lavender in it so it’s very relaxing. If you follow the instructions they are quite safe. There have been issue but I think with numpties who microwaved for 15 minutes.



Hi Sandra & Gerard,

Next time you go to log in, look at the bottom of the screen and it should say, 'do you want internet to remember your password?' Just click on yes then you shouldn't have any more trouble.

Hope this helps.

Janet x

Fraid I can't help in answer to the original post, but Sunset, your symptoms sound like how mine may head.  How long did it take to get to the point where the soles of your feet and fingers couldn't feel anything at all? Do you have other symptoms?

Mr S

Hello everyone,


At last i am on here at it the password problem has been sorted.  I kept getting the ' your password is not secure enough messsage.' I am flitting from one web forum to another (ASD forum to this one). Many thanks for replying.  Just worried about gerard being prone to infections and whether i should make an appointment for him to see the nurse.I know his a big boy now and could do this himself and he has time off coming up, but i know he won't bother. So i know now the areas of nerve problems and i will watch out in future.  Thanks all.  At last i am on here again. (sigh of relief)


love and best wishes


sandra and gerard  

Hi Sandra and gerard, welcome back. i do remember your name, but can you remind me please, are you gerard`s carer or do you have MS too?

Hope things improve. Does G have a district nurse coming in to check his wounds/healing? Sounds like he needs something like that. My carer checks my skin daily.

luv POllx

Hi, welcome back Sandra and Gerard,

I have same as sunset- first symptoms lack of sense of touch and temperature in fingers and feet.

Suggestion of wheat bag is good, or one of the gel water bottles you heat in the microwave.

Safer might be a electric blanket then you know  you can set the temperature.

I have to put my wrist in water to feel the temperature and feel softness with the back of my hand - you get used to it.

Just have to be careful,

all the best Jen x



             Yes, wheat bags  are a good idea. Not only can you heat them in the microwave - you can also put them in the deep freeze. lcy cold is often better for sprains and pain. And -Honey - is so good for healing scars/ulcers etc. l have made lots of wheat bags using old jean legs and filling with the wheat l buy for the chickens. You can put any essential oil on them for added benefit.

l have ended up burning myself when cooking - because l do not seem to realise how hot things are. My daughter calls me asbestos hands!!!

Best wishes to you both