fleece leggings

i don’t like being too warm but this cold weather makes my legs painful.

i can be walking round tesco and all is fine until i go down the freezer aisle, it really makes my legs painful.

anyway i went to boundary mill last week and saw these fleece leggings. i’m wearing them under my trousers right now.

so my hands are cold but my legs and bum are snuggly and warm!

i wish i’d bought a few pairs but they were £7.99 and i thought i’d better try them on first.

its a long way to go back for more.

carole x


l have been wearing my new leggings to-day. And very toasty they are too. Mine are ‘Heat Holders’ - they have a fleecey lining. Daughter bought me the heatholder tights last year - then l saw these leggings on the Matalan online site. Thrilled with them - especially as l can pull them up past my waist and tuck my polo-neck jumper in them. They have a ‘double-gusset’ so well shaped so they stay up. No droopy crutch. They are the thickest leggings l have seen. l shall be ordering more. Also, l have the socks and gloves. Gloves are great - but l am thinking that the lovely thick socks will only fit inside my wellies - or to wear around the house on their own. Hate draughty gaps - like to be well tucked into my clothes.

Uniqlo usually do those heat-tech tops (and tihts), they;re quite good… I’m now gonna have to go search for fleecy leggings, they sound lush!

Sonia x

Ooops, that should say TIGHTS! :wink: x

You might be able to get them from the Internet? Xxx