does anyone else find that their legs hurt when it is cold?

i’m usually too warm but this winter my legs are not at all happy.

just walking down the refridgeration aisle in the supermarket makes me want to go straight home to my bed.

however as i was shivering my way through tesco i spied a pair of knitted leggings so i bought them and they are lovely, soft and warm. i have to wear them under loose trousers though because they have christmas motifs all over them. rudolph, santa and other such nonsense.

then i spied thermal tights in lidl. i need long tights otherwise i look like yogi bear (crotch area is too low).

luckily i looked again and they do footless thermal tights which are perfect.

so my unhappy legs are a bit more cheerful.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Unfortunately, yes!

It’s not even been that cold yet, for the time of year, but more cramps, more spasticity, more aches and pains. :frowning:

Maybe it’s my imagination, but the onset of the cramps tends to coincide with nightfall.

That means, in Summer, it’s not til ten o’clock or so. But in midwinter it can be as early as four in the afternoon. A lot more hours to put up with it!



Yes, I’ve not long been diagnosed so this is my ‘first’ winter coming up but for the last couple of weeks my legs have been killing me. The only way to help ease them is to get in bed and switch on the electric blanket. Have it on now actually - maybe Barney is making it worse

Winter didn’t used to make any difference to me but since 2 disabling relapses a couple of years ago I have noticed that my legs are more stiff when the weather turns colder. The weather has been quite mild here until the last 10 days or so and I’ve really noticed a difference in the last week. I start striding down the road confidently and just tire very quickly and seize up a bit.


hi tina, janet and tracey

do your legs a favour and invest in some thermal tights or snowman leggings.

they are bliss.

carole xx

I have a problem with that. I now have eczema and even socks are a bit too warm and make my feet itchy where the skin is dry. It’s going to be a tricky winter especially as I’m prone to chill blains as well. Wish me luck!

i understand that tracey

i keep a tube of rich hand cream on my bedside table and spend a good 10 minutes rubbing cream into my feet.

my poor mum had an hiatus hernia and arthritis too.

the meds for arthritis made her reflux worse

so she had to decide each day which she could manage without meds for.

carole xx