cold weather and my legs

hi all

just wondered if anyone else finds that their legs are painful when cold?

in shops my legs are fine until i walk past the chiller aisle or worse still, the freezers.

its not the end of the world but really bugs me

carole x

Same here. Fatigued by heat as well as cold.

cant win!

luv Pollx

It’s perverse of me, but I tend to find I’m much worse in cold. I know, as an MSer, it’s supposed to be heat I dislike, but you’ve never known anyone take as many hot baths. I’m always trying to warm up, and soothe my aching muscles. No wonder the gas bill is horrendous. It’s really expensive to keep running off so much hot water all the time.

I have at least two a day, morning and evening, and when particularly suffering, have been known to run an extra one at lunchtime, or even in the middle of the night.

My mum was thinking of scrapping her bath, and replacing it with a shower (she already has a separate shower elsewhere in the house, so it would be of no direct benefit to her). I begged her not to, as I don’t think I’d ever go and visit any more, if I thought there was no chance of my regular soak while I’m there. I’m finding the journey (by public transport, with the luggage) increasingly daunting, and am wracked with aches and pains by the time I get there. I don’t know what I’d do if I thought I couldn’t slip into a hot bath to recover.


Hi Ladies its the same for me, but my legs hurt all the time, my circulation is so poor now and my extremities are shot I wish I could sit and enjoy a bath that is one thing I really miss, but cant get in let alone out, I would have to call the fire brigade to get me out, mind you that could be fun. The last time I had one I sat for two hours in an empty bath with towels all around me to keep me warm until my husband eventually hear me call out for help, we did laugh at it later but not at the time, so have to make do with showers now. Anyway as they say worst things happen at sea. Deborah

Hi all, Same as Anitra, when it is warm I walk better and suffer less, when I am hit by cold my right leg from groin to knee just cramps and spasms leaving me locked in stall mode. In the cold weather recently I always turned the heat full in the car, heated seats on max so I could be hot enough to get from car to house without having to tree hug. Paul

Same here my legs aren’t good at the best of times, but much much worse when it’s cold - roll on the warmer weather, or do you think the few days we have already had was our Summer for this year? I do hope not Sue

Hi, spasticity is worse in the cold. Muscles just seize up!

Moyna x