Rigid legs in the cold

I’ve noticed for a long time now that my legs and walking go very rigid if I’m outside and it’s a cold day.

It used to happen just now and then but recently it every time I get cold or just do a little shivver.

I initially thought it was just supposed to be heat that was bad for MS, but for me it seems that the cold brings on rigidity/spasticity in my legs far quicker than being too warm does.

Am I alone in this or does anyone else find that the cold brings on their symptoms very quickly ?


i’ve noticed the same thing.

can’t abide heat and hate the cold because it makes my legs hurt.

i hear myself saying the same things as my old nan used to say, “it’s draughty”.

today i waited 30 minutes for a bus freezing my bits off before i gave in and phoned a taxi.

so my new free bus pass is no good on sundays.

carole x

thanks for the reply.

I’m amazed how quickly over the last few months how things have got worse, even though latest MRI shows no progress in disease, but theres clearly an increase in disability.

Getting me down now if I’m honest.

Cold has always affected me. Comes from living in the North East for a number of years i reckon. The extremities, fingers and toes suffer from bad circulation. Layers, thats the answer!!!

Cold makes me stiffen up - can barely walk - heat makes my legs go very heavy - can barely walk - so I’m in trouble either way!

There are only one or two days a year when it’s OK

yes Floopy, but even those 2 days have fluctuating temperatures.

last time i sat out in the sun there was a cloud that kept covering it up!

i was peeved.