Painful sensory problems

Anyone get this? During the day I experience freezing cold sensation to legs which becomes really painful, like the feeling you get in your hands when, as a child, you spend too long playing in the snow! BUT, at night, I get the opposite and they burn and I have to keep turning as they are very painful.

I’m in menopause, so at times I am sitting with fleece on legs and throwing everything off top as my body overheats!

What can I do? Gabapentin has caused side effects so came off that. Now waiting to try Duloxetine. Would HRT help? At my wits end!

Love to all x

hi limo

i can’t walk through the freezer aisle or the refrigerated aisle in the supermarket without getting very painful legs.

luckily Lidl had some thermal footless tights for £2.99 so i bought 3 pairs and thermal socks with them.

my getting dressed takes a lifetime!

underwear, thermal tights, thermal socks, t-shirt, jumper, body warmer and coat, boots, scarf and gloves!

at night i get too hot and my feet burn!

it’s never boring this ms, is it?

carole x

ps i think i had my menopause early so pretty sure it’s ms faffing my thermostat up.

Thanks Carole

Yes, it’s like a faulty thermostat. It used to come and go but it’s been like this now for months. Do you find the weather affects it? It’s been wet a lot. I used to get Raynauds in my hands whenever I was near the cold cabinets in the supermarket. I’ve tried thermals and they don’t seem to make a difference, but I’m in a wheelchair so maybe it’s also lack of movement.

Never a dull moment, eh! Thanks for replying. Take care x

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