Freezing sensation

Hi im newbie, awaiting to see neurologist due to on going issues the past 6 years that are worsening, ataxia diagnosis after physiotherapist done some tests which i have had for a while but i have fibromyalgia and put it down to that as i blame everything on that lol.
Anyway my left shoulder,arm,hand,lower leg and foot have been giving my lots of tingling and burning sensations, but today my foot feels freezing but its not and at the same time im getting the burning skin sensation this is driving me crazy as i cant get my foot to warm up i currently have a hot water bottle on it but my toes still have a freezing cold sensation…is this a common sensation symptom plzzz somebody tell me what to do before i go crazy lol

Sadly, yes. It’s normal. I don’t think my entire body ever feels the same temperature any more. I sleep with 2 heavy duvets while my bare feet lay in front of a fan year 'round. Other times I’ll be wearing heavy wool socks or wrapping my icy hands around a hot cup of coffee in the summertime. All I can suggest is to treat each part of your body separately as best you can.


Thank you i did try that my foot warmed up a bit after an hour but still burning, i thought id go for a walk to take my mind off it but i was walking like a robot very slowly so came home, i havnt been diagnosed as of yet but i just know it is ms as these things happen all a time and last sometimes a day or a week or even months and my tremor in left hand is worsening along with many other sensation/balance/gait and memory issues i honestly can’t wait to just get a diagnosis so i have a name for it wether it be ms or some other neurological problem.

Hi Jaye, the freezing sensation in various areas can be regular.
Deffo mention this and all oddities to the Neuro.
Some MSers have a late diagnosis due to not seeing a Neuro (nor had MRI’s of the brain) but have seen Rheumatology first.
I’m not saying it’s a mis-diagnosis but a Rheumatologist Consultant diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia in 2002.
Symptoms got worse with brain fog, forgetting & pain.
In 2011 I saw a Neurologist, he wanted a Cat Scan & a Contrasting MRI of my brain - the first I’d ever had.
Whoops, lots of lesions seen plus damage from mini strokes (I didn’t even know I’d had)!
After years of feeling like a time waster, the dx of M.S made sense. A year or so later and still no remissions, PPMS was confirmed.

Your symptoms are typical of Fibro (rheumatology) and can be similar to MS (Neurology).
Main difference to me is a physical exam for Fibro & MRI’s for M.S.

It’s good you’re seeing a Neuro soon. Maybe question Fibro and any little doubts you have. There’s no such thing as a daft question.
Let us know how you get on.
Good luck at the Neuro appt.

Chrissie x

To be honest there is nothing u can do my whole body has been like that for 3 years. I cant put shoes on and if i do cant stay on for long as makes me want to be sick. So now buy bigger shoes and bigger cloths. What i used to do before was put my feet in ice cold water to try wake the up and send my pain repeaters a kick up the arse. Some times worked but not all the time. Ive got used to it now and just let my body deal with it. Hope thats helped you

I have cold hands & feet also feel chilly, front & back of my thighs burn. When I try to lift a cold glass or bottle my palm is hypersensitive as are my fingertips.

My feet are almost numb as is my left arm and hand.

When I am sat down watching tv I can almost forget about sensations… sadly i work 4 days per week (standing all day and evening) with a 2hr+ daily commute…

Fingers crossed things improve or I best get used to ice-cold & burning in my limbs.