freezing feet

Hi There,

I need some help ! My feet feel like they are freezing but theyr’e not , that and cannot stop my leg from jumping out it feels like i have to move it and it doesn’t releave it. I am on Lamotrigine 100mg per day and 30mg of baclofen. Does anyone else get these symptoms and what helps it ?

Thanks xx

Hi there,

I can sympathise with you as about 5 years ago I had this same sensation in my feet. The way I described it at the time was like I had put them in a freezing bucket of cold ice- it was so painful. It was my first relapse after I had been diagnosed some 9 years previously so I was obviously very scared never having experienced it before. My GP re refered me to the neuro,as I had moved areas from where I had been officially dx and the neuro put me on a course of oral steroids. They did help and over 2-3 weeks the sensations of coldness diminished and eventually went. I have not experienced this sympton since. I hope you make a quick recovery.

Constantly cold feet! Even worse at night! Sometimes they hurt they’re so cold. I don’t take any meds for it but routine for bed is usually bath then big fluffy socks, then I rub them to keep them warm, it helps to get to sleep. My husband goes mad coz the heatings always on. Do you generally feel the cold more? I think I must. Hot water bottles, rubbing and bed socks are the best I can suggest xx

Hi there,

My legs started jumping all on their own at the most embarrassing moments, then my arms joined in then my whole body started to flex forward then back. Whilst this was happening my legs and feet were freezing cold and oh so painful. I first saw my doctor, who didn’t really take much notice. To cut a long story short I was put on Clonazepam and the jerks or myoclonus eased.I couldn’t get to sleep because of the jerks. I now take 3mgs a night I do get to sleep but legs are still cold and feel like a ton weight. Try going back to your doctor and inform them and ask if there is anything else that may help you. Good luck

Janet x

Hmm I would not say for me my cold feet is down to nerve damage, even when I was a kid I had cold feet and use to roast them infront of the fire.

It could be a simple case of bad circulation and I say this because when I’m not active indoors my feet are painfully cold that with

each step hurts, but when I pop to gym and heart rate goes up then my feet are roasting and will stay warm all day or hours after the gym.

Anyway we all have opinions and best get it checked out with a GP.

Good luck though.

morning, I can sympathise with you, I either have a freezing cold feel in my feet and legs, or red hot, and when I say hot I mean on fire, I tend to have the cold throught out the day, and then as evening comes along the burning sets in, so when I go to bed I have a bed cage to keep the covers off as this makes it worse and drives me crazy, I take Gabepentine for this, can’t say it’s working at the mo, I suppose I’ll increase the dose, again, oh just one other thing I can no longer have a bath, because when I step into the water, no matter how tepid it is the feeling in my feet is awful, in fact it makes me want to be ill, take good care, Jean x

p.s my neuro told me this was nerve damage my thermostate has gone x


Its just my right foot its freezing all the time it feels normal to touch but to me its like its in a bucket of ice I think if I was to put it in the fire it would still feel cold.

But its alot worse in the cold weather it affects my walking I have it since I was diagnosed over 5 years ago I was with my MS nurse last week and I said to her about it I thought it was something I just had to put up with but she said no she’d see my neuro and she get him to give me tablets to try I haven’t got them yet so I don’t know if they work.

I had jumpy legs to but thats seems to have been eased by Baclofen I take 10mg in the morning at 10mg at bed time I sometimes take more through the day if needed.


My feet and hands get incredibly cold and uncomfortable, and it’s not my brain playing tricks, they are actually freezing cold to the touch and look white and dead when it happens. My left foot is always worse. I find microwave slippers and hand warmers (the gel pouch kind) to be invaluable for this. I’ve had my microwave slippers for a year now and they’re still going strong, I recommend them wholeheartedly.


I think my brain plays tricks on me, cos I say to my hubby that my feet are freezing, but he says they feel warm.

Whether they are hot or cold they are very painful.


The only way I’ve found to counteract freezing feet that aren’t actually cold is to use a heat pad and/or wrap them in lots of woolly, warm things. It’s similar to burning feet that aren’t actually cold - I use ice packs for them.

The reason this can work is that the real signals to the brain interfere with the fake signals. The brain can only pay attention to so many things - giving it more to handle reduces the effect of the fake signals. So you don’t have to use heat pads - you can try anything that is a good distraction, e.g. playing a video game, music, etc. As soon as you pay attention to your feet, the freezing will feel worse :frowning:

The legs thing sounds like restless legs. I don’t have this, so don’t know what works, sorry. If it’s not restless legs, but the leg actually jerks about, then I do have this. A combination of baclofen and pregabalin keeps it in check for me.

Good luck!

Karen x