Overheating in bed

Every night I go to bed my feet & legs overheat, I use the cooling pads for pets in bed but lately they are overheating too after a short time. I’m really getting stressed as I can’t cool down at all at night & cant get much sleep. I also filled a hot water bottle with cold water, which used to work when only my feet overheated but lately I find my legs are the same. I’m at my wits end & my husband is freezing as I can’t have heat on & use only a summer duvet. Has anyone any other ideas please?

Hi Dumbo

I can get hot feet too. I usually put them in a big bowl of cold water for five or ten minutes. That usually does the trick. I also sometimes use Deep Freeze spray or gel. They’re not perfect, but can sometimes take the edge off the heat. I also have a few freezable gel packs. I keep them in the freezer all day, then at night put them in a cool bag with some freezer blocks. Then if a foot gets hot, I can get one of the gel packs and strap it round my foot.

If you find anything else that helps, let me know!


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I get this too, drives me mad, I used to take gabepentin for it, but that didn’t work anymore, like you use cool pads, plus a cold wrap, they only help for a little while, it’s nerve pain, I get it in other places too, between my legs, on my face, very uncomfortable, my neuro said it because my thermastat doesn’t work properly anymore and signal are being interrupted. Sorry I not much help, just letting you know you’re not on your own.

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Hi, don’t get this at all but can totally identify and sympathise as have exact opposite problem, freezing cold feet and legs like solid ice blocks despite socks duvet hot water bottles and UGG boots in middle of summer. Ms is so wierd, hope u find a way thru. Froo x

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My doctor years back ordered me a blanket cradle and its been with me ever since. I put it in my bed and all the bedding goes over it, so nothing is touching my feet or bottom part of my legs. Its BLISS and helps a lot. I can highly recommend. Oh and no heating on in the bedroom. drink water before you go to bed no warm drinks. wear cotton.

I dont want bottom of PJS just a top. thats how i do it. and a low tog duvet lol.

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I too use a bed cradle, have done for years, I also get the ice cold feeling, but that’s more during the day. Like you crazy chick I don’t wear bottoms in bed only a top, I’d prefer not to wear them during the day, but don’t think that would go down too well, LOL.

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LOL i think the old guys in my sheltered would loose their teeth if i walked around without me bottoms ha ha. xxx HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I love my cradle. My pooch uses it as a cave when she is cold lol. x

Thank you all for your replies, I didn’t realise it was nerve pain, greenhouse,but now that I do I will speak to ms nurse, I’m on amitrypilline at night but obviously it’s not working any more. I wear shorts to bed & put the cool pad in the fridge but it heats up within 15 minutes or so. Thanks again with all your comments xx

I sleep with my feet and legs in front of a fan, but I don’t have a husband to worry about!