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Discomfort in foot/leg

Hi, when in bed my left foot is getting pins and needles, feels cold and above my ankle feels like it’s being gripped. Does anyone else get this and have any tips to remedy please? Many thanks. M

Hi MG, my feet and legs are immobile, but still wanna play silly so and sos in bed. All I can do is ask someone to move them, rub them or use my knee break on my bed. It’s a pain!


Hi Marion,

Yes, same symptoms in both feet and legs all the time.
Feels like I’m wearing very tight knee length boots.
Feet feel freezing but sometimes they’re hot! Always wear thick socks in bed and sheepskin boots in the house. Otherwise, if my feet are really cold I get chilblains ouch.

I take very low dose amitriptyline for neuropathic pain - helps me sleep.
Speak to your MS nurse.