Help, my feet hurt!

Hello all, I would really welcome any advice or thoughts on an ongoing problem. I have had ms for 20 plus years and pain has always been an issue for me, in particular pain, in fact bad pain in my feet and focussed on my ankles. No medication has touched it (and believe me I have tried everything!). The problem is finding something that will keep pressure off my ankles at night and finding loose fitting socks/slippers to wear that does not put any pressure around my ankle joint. The NHS bods have been unable to come up with anything (other than yet more pills, that make me feel worse). I know cold feet and anklepain does not sound very important in the light of everything else we have to put up with, but is too me. Any ideas, no matter how way out would be welcome. So there it is, I can talk drugs wheelchairs and lots of other things, but feet are my thing!

All the best to all


Oh Pillbox,

I’m with you, freezing feet all year round. Also a feeling of wearing tight knee length boots 24 hours a day, not painful though just annoying. I wear very socks at night nearly all year round but just short sports socks. Don’t know what type would be best for you, bigger size, tube socks?

I’m sure you’ve tried one of those baskets that keep covers off your feet, seen them in hospitals. They’re called bed cradles, but will only work if you lie flat on your back.

Hope you find something that helps.


to me foot pain is the worse! imagine having a splitting headache and having to bear your weight on it. that’s just me. the only practical suggestion i could have made has been made already - bed cradle. hope the pain eases off.

A bed cradle keeps the covers (and weight) off, but then you end up with painful heels from laying on your back.

I just bought some new fluffy bedsocks from M&S that are keeping my feet snuggly and they’re not tight round the ankle. Or there’s always diabetic socks, they tend to be loose round the ankle.

I lay mostly on my side because of pain in my heel (only one, don’t know why) from the sheet. When I have to lay on my back because the pain in my hip gets too much (!), I rest one ankle on a small cushion so my foot is suspended and my heel doesn’t hurt.

Bloody MS. We all suffer little pains that are f’ing aggravating. Nothing is too small a problem to air on here. We may not all have the same affliction, but we all have something that hurts/niggles/burns/just is.


Well, after 21 years of MS and just about every drug in the book, I have given up seeing a neurologist because they give me drugs that don’t work, are addictive and cause depression, so I’m scared of them , I have been using vast amounts of Opiates to try and control pain, don’t work! Then refered back to the pain doctor who gave me yet more Opiates and a pill that makes me suicidal. Since three weeks ago, I have reduced opium based drugs by around 95% and still feel lousy, still in pain, but no longer feel hung over. Has anybody tried alternative or complementary treatments of any kind? I think the NHS has done everything it can for me, is it worth going private, or perhaps going abroad for treatment or anything else. The problem is, I don’t know if my well being is impaired by drugs, doctors or the MS? Any and all advice welcome excluding suicidal thoughts, the drugs look after me on that particular score. Sorry about this rather disjointed post, 2 hours sleep in the last 48 and pills galore, thinking of chaning by user name to “Boots the Chemist”.

I started taking Gabapentin to replace Baclofen and Amitriptyline, i have started taking CBD oil in the hope of coming off Gabapentin…here’s hoping. Jan x

Had MS fo a long time and have the same problems with my ankles, do not want any pressure from socks.

I buy black cheap socks from well known high street discount store, chop off the elastic tops, works for me, seems pathetic

but helps me.

I also just wear them cheap pumps with laces from the same shop

You can recognise me down town, cut off jeans, cut off socks and cheap black pumps on my scooter.


I tend to sleep on my sofa now,my feet hurt like hell leading to only 2 or 3 hours sleep a night if am lucky,tried loose socks, different painkillers no help.

Hey, Pillbox.

Painful feet does strike a chord. It has been much worse for me in the past, and I’d now class it as discomfort. I think my pain has been related to blood pooling in the feet, I guess because I’m sitting down too much. Often stone cold, sometimes baking hot, my feet could get swollen and quite colourful (which, thinking about it, I haven’t noticed the purple, swollen feet for a while). Blood flow to the feet is controlled by dilation and contraction of arteries in the calf muscle – my calf muscles are weak, and maybe also the messages from my feet telling the brain they’re cold or swollen aren’t getting through. Also, at night, blood flow slows right down and even though I’m lying down, there isn’t enough pressure to pump the blood back up the legs, so again it pools in the feet, causing discomfort.

Here’s some things I’ve discovered over the years have worked for me. They’re not cures, but they have provided relief.

Immersing the feet in cold or quite warm water for a few minutes (sit on the side of the bath if safe). It doesn’t seem to matter which, but should be a temperature difference you can feel. I might do this before bed. I think it is triggers a strong message to the brain, reminding it there’s a job in the feet to do and to trigger vasodilation / blood flow in the calf arteries.

The next one that works for me is to firmly stroke or scratch the sole of the foot to trigger a Babinski reflex so that, the whole foot flexes upwards uncontrollably. This method causes the calf muscles to flex, and so gets the blood flowing. I’ll initiate this reflex repeatedly for about one minute on each foot. Indeed, simply flexing your feet at the ankle, raising the foot up and down, can be done any time discretely and works for me, though I can’t do this on my left foot.

Maybe you have come across inclined bed therapy. By raising the bottom of one’s bed, blood flows back up the legs much easier when one’s asleep, and this has worked for me, too. Along the same lines, I have had success lying on the floor with my legs pointing straight up against a wall for a few minutes. Not all night, though! Maybe before bed or any time during the day. Having the feet raised during the day where possible, like sitting with legs stretched out on a sofa, also gets the swelling down.

Walking with discomfort is totally distracting and unpleasant, and I have spent a good amount of time finding footwear that works for me and my feet that kept changing size through the day. Theory says that flight socks should also have helped with blood flow, but I don’t remember success with that one. Think I’ll try again.

Finally, mindfulness. I find that if I’m properly engaged in a task, then I’m not conscious of what’s going on with my feet. Our thinking brain can really only apply itself to one thing at a time, so if I’m focused, concentrating on even something simple like reading, cooking, or talking to someone, then I’m not aware of distractions such as my feet. Meditation might work in a similar way, enabling one to be unaware of sensations.

Hope any of these will be of some use to you.

yikes, thought i was going loopy.I have started to have a lot of pain in my ankles,especially when they are elevated,kinda like being hung on a spit and your tootsies being toasted over the flame.I actually have less pain sleeping on settee with feet on floor.

I got these socks Heat Holders - Ladies Thick Patterned Warm Winter Striped Twist Thermal Socks | eBay and wear them over the top of regular socks

Over the last year I have had a lot of pain across the top of 1 foot & ankle along with some swelling of the foot. This then moves to both feet after a few days. At first I thought it might be gout as it comes & goes but gp thinks not due to where pain actually is. She will test in 2 weeks to see as this is when gout will show in blood tests apparently. It’s is very painful at night also. It’s really painful & up until now I did not think ms, but my feet have alway been extremely hot at night.Any advice is greatly appreciated.