Foot pain

Strange one.I just wanted to ask if anyone has had or has known someone who has had this strange MS symptom. I am currently going through a bad relapse. At the moment the sole of my left foot feels like it has a knife inserted in it and is being constantly pushed in (this is the only example I can give that comes close to the sensation). I am in constant pain and just wondered if anyone has had anything similar and how they dealt with it. Any advice welcomed.



hi jon it’s so strange when in addition to numb feet we get these strong feelings of pain. i went to a chiropodist, mainly because i’m too clumsy to cut my own toenails. after she cut them she told me that any pain i was getting could be due to corns. she even removed one from under my big toe nail! with a scalpel - eek! it didn’t hurt at all though. maybe try increasing your dose of whichever neuropathic painkiller you are on. maybe try a chiropodist.

Hi Jon,

Yes I have a lot of pain under my feet, my left is the worse one. The heal feels like its a sharpe point and I have a drawing pulling sensation. The pain I have when trying to walk is like walking on broken glass, it usually gets worse as the day goes on. I unfortunately just have to cope with it as no pain killers seem to help at all :frowning:

Yes pain rings a bell!

I get heel pain… but only affects my right heel only the right leg. My Neuro removed the socks on that particular foot (right) took a peep & said it’s “Neuropatic pain” ? No trauma there. He increased my Amitriptyline. It occurs when I rub that particular heel on my sheet. Which I have a MS habit of doing. Restless leg or spasm! I wear 2 pairs of socks as my feet are/get extremely cold. 2nd pair are Heat Holders 2.3 tog from that prospering Shop A*****n ! The only way I manage to eliminate the pain is to turn my foot 90* or wear a hideous bootie!

Is easy to just ply us with more chemical cosh!

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