Very painful feet, hard to walk or weight bear; sound familiar?

Firstly, a belated happy new year to you all; hope you have a good one.

However, having got back off holiday I’ve found that my feet, particularly my left one, have become so painful that I’m living on neurofen at the moment just so I can walk and go upstairs. This happened some months ago when I could barely get up and had to have crutches. It went after a few days, but I’ve had painful feet for the best part of a week now; the sort of pain that seems to emanate from the bones and tendons of the feet and makes movement excruciatingly painful.

Basically, does this sound familiar to any of you and, if so, can you recommend any therapy or exercises to mitigate the effects?

Hope you’re all well.

Cheers, CP.

Hi CP, I’m wondering if it’s some type of neuropathic pain possibly, as my neuro pain feels as though it’s my pelvic bones but I’m assured it’s nerve endings. Do you take Gabapentin …maybe it would help ? Hope you enjoyed your trip. Happy new year, Nina

Hi CP, sounds horrible. I agree with Nina, sounds like neuropathic pain. Are you on Gabapentin or Amitriptyline? Both could help. I go through periods when the souls of my feet feel like I’m walking on live electricity… but not as painful as you discribe. Hope it goes away soon but if not on one of the above drugs you should consider one. Take care hon, Pat xx

Although I am not PPMS, I hope you don’t mind me popping in here?

Might I suggest that it could be pain from spasticity? That makes the muscles and tendons very tight and stiff. Other than both being in the feet, I have no idea if the type of pain I get is the same as yours, but I get moderate to severe pain in the TOPS of my feet, from very tight, short tendons.

The reason I suggest it as a possibility is that if nurofen helps, it’s unlikely to be neuropathic, as nurofen is not a neuropathic painkiller (which sounds slightly odd, considering the name - never really thought about it before). It’s more likely to be muscular/mechanical.

Painful feet was one of my earliest symptoms, and preceded diagnosis by several years. I get some relief from baclofen, and also a small dose of diazepam at night (though from different drug families, both are muscle relaxants). I am finding lately that even these, and conventional painkillers too are not always enough, but I’m hoping it’s just the Winter weather, as I find spasticity and aches and pains are always worse in the cold.

I know many people with MS cannot stand hot baths, but I do find they ease the pain in my feet - possibly because heat is another way to loosen muscles. If you can’t stand a hot bath, you could try whether just soaking your feet in a bowl helps, or even holding a hot compress on them. A damp flannel given a quick zap in the microwave is a handy method. Be careful, as it can get VERY hot, but you soon learn how long to give it (not longer than about 20 to 30s, in my micro). When it goes cold, it’s easy to heat up again, if you want to apply it for longer.


Hi i get pain in the sole s of both feet, feels like walking on glass, and also pins and needles, i find that gabpentin and baclofen have helpped but not taken it away completely. Mac

I put up with a painful foot for months, I finally went to doctors, and got told I have Plantar fascitis. Its something at the bottom of your foot, something to do with the arch dropping. She gave me stretching exercises, and I bought some arch supports. She said next stop would be physio then a quartazone injection.

Mel x

Yes Mel, I guess that goes with the calf tightness a lot of us suffer… I try to stretch mine daily.

it just reminded me hearing plantar fascitis, I got that once before from jogging up the escalators on the Underground each day, now I’d have to wait for the thing to move as they’d be too steep to climb!!! lol

CP - I hope you get some suitable meds quickly :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi, I also had Plantar fasciitis and it felt very much like the pain you describe, and they’re right, if Neurofen helps it’s unlikely to be nerve problems. My GP sent me to an Orthotist who gave me insoles to lift my arches and I’ve been so much better since. I think you can buy them at a chemist but an Orthotist has different types of insoles, might be worth asking for a referral.

Hope it improves.

Cath xx

Thanks for the responses folks.

Min; I too had pf once, but this is very different cos it’s the bones/tendons on my upper foot and ankle that are causing problems.

However, things are slightly better today. Am having physio next week so hopefully they’ll give me some decent exercises to do. Been on rightmove looking at bungalows today, I’m in that much of a state!