Painful Soles of my feet ...

My soles of my feet are killing me …anyone any ideas why?

Hi, it all comes down to nerve endings, I’m afraid. Do you take gabapentin? I’ve found it helps a lot for nerve pain. See your gp/MS nurse or neurologist about it. All the best and hope you’re sorted soon. xxx

Thanks Vinnygirl I was hoping you wouldn’t say that and it was something else that can be easily solved!! The pain is now on the tops of my feet. It’s kept me awake most of the night:( I’m on pregablin at the moment

I know how you feel. It’s rubbish isn’t it. I try to explain to my family that my right foot feels broken…that’s the only way i can describe how much it hurts! keep hobbling n wobbling!! :0) xxx

I’ve just thought I’ve had this pain before in my ankle bones I used to smash them against the wall - it was a ‘better’ pain