Hi I’m before I start sorry I only ever seen to come on here to either moan or question.

I have this horrible sickly pain on the tops of my feet. I’ve had it for a few months now but it’s at night I mainly feel it I guess cos I’m not doing anything to divert my attention from it. It’s a burning/tingling sickly pain that feels worse when the bed covers touch it but then my feet are freezing if I hang them out.

Anyway the pain is now notable during the day. So I permanently feel sick it’s tiring me out been in constant pain and therefore making me miserable - to a point I don’t even like been around me.

I feel like I’m on a roundabout not knowing what to do for the best. My GPS has increased my pregabalin and told me to up it again at the weekend if it’s not helping - which it’s not. But is it the pregabalin or the pain that’s making me so tired? Is pregabalin best for what I presume is nerve pain.

Can anybody get me off this roundabout I’m fed up with ‘well it could be this’ or it could be that’ or ’ the side effect o this is that but then again…’

Sorry for the moan I’ve just had a really positive few months so feeling this way has really upset me.


the drug amitryptaline is good for issues such as burning feet, i know i was given it by my dr when i had burning legs at night,ask your dr if he will prescribe it for you.

J x


I’m afraid this is just a “fellow sufferer” post, and not a solution.

I too have very bad pain in the tops of my feet, and the “experts” (neuro, neuro physio etc) don’t have any idea what it is, and have even suggested it’s not MS - which I don’t believe!

My choice of footwear is now very limited, because everything puts pressure on the tender area - even mule-type carpet slippers, as soft as they are.

I’m convinced it’s not nerve pain, although this was suggested, as gabapentin didn’t make the slightest difference.

My own research leads me to believe it might be extensor tendonitis, which can be a knock-on effect of calf-tightness, which I definitely have, and is definitely part of MS! So I’m surprised nobody at all has suggested there might be a link, and they are suggesting instead that I am wearing ill-fitting shoes, and things like that - which is exactly the type of twaddle I had to put up with before I was diagnosed: “Oh, it’s silly shoes!” (I’d NEVER worn silly shoes, unless you count once a year for a New Year’s Eve party or something - even for work I’d only ever worn simple, low-heeled court shoes).

I really thought, once I was diagnosed, people would understand what I was talking about, but they are still left scratching their heads, and saying: “Never heard of that one - don’t think it’s MS, must be your shoes.” Nonsense!

Do do some calf stretches, if you don’t already, in case tight calves are part of it. Other than that, I just have to dose up with conventional painkillers (not neuropathic), plus baclofen, and diazepam. Lately I’ve also been massaging Voltarol into the sore areas, but you have to be careful not to combine this with oral NSAIDs like ibuprofen, as it does get absorbed through the skin, so if you are taking similar pills as well, you could inadvertently take too much.

It’s OK to combine it with paracetamol and/or codeine, as they’re not the same type of drug, so you won’t risk overdosing.

If it is the tendonitis, as I suspect, ice may also help, but I don’t have a freezer at the moment, so haven’t been able to test that one out. To be honest, I don’t really fancy ice on the area, and if anything, have a craving for warmth there.




i can confirm that ice therapy does work!

dipping feet in iced water several times then using steroid cream has helped me at least twice. it took 4/5 days but it did help and there were no added side effects from medication.

worth a try? better than iced bath for all over body pain (which my friend did endure and helped short term!)


Thanks Mrs J I already take 20mg amitryptaline and I’m taking 30mg at night it is helping a little - if nothing else it helps me get to sleep x