Hurting feet.

When I get out of bed during the night and in the morning my feet hurt so much that I can bearly put them on the floor to walk. Does anyone else get this?



Hi Jaycie, l have this a lot, also feeling of electric shocks on the soles of my feet or burning, shooting pain. I mentioned this to the registrar ( M S) and he said it was another symptom of the dreded M S, Just one more thing to add to the list, unfortunately said there wasn’t much they could do ( Suprise Suprise) Sorry couldn’t help much. Take care Margaret x

Hi Jaycie,

I think you’ll find it’s common. With me, it’s not nerve pain but muscular. Your feet are surprisingly muscular: they have to be; they have to support your whole weight, and take an awful hammering every day.

MS-related muscle tightness, or spasticity, has particularly affected my feet. Baclofen has helped a bit for me, but isn’t a complete solution. As time has gone on, it isn’t working as well, and doesn’t last long enough, either. In particular, it doesn’t last all night, so even though I take the last dose as late as possible, to get maximum cover through the night, I’m still dodgy in the mornings.

I’ve just taken two baclofen, two paracetamol, and a codeine (yes, all this is prescribed). Specifically for the painful feet. With luck, it should start to ease, once they’ve had a chance to work.

I wonder if you’re taking anything for yours?


Thank you for your replies.

I am not taking anything specifically for the hurting feet as it is a symptom I havn’t had for very long. I did mention it to my MS nurse ( who won’t be my MS nurse anymore) , but at the moment I don’t even have a GP as I have just moved house to a totally different County etc.

I do take Amitryptyline and Pregabalin for pain, but can only take small amounts other wise totally out of it.

Hi Yes my feet hurt, and also my heels very painful to walk. I walk with a limp too.



If it’s nerve pain, the amitryptyline and/or pregabalin dose might need to be raised. You might find you only feel zonked out during the adjustment phase, and that if you persevere, you get more tolerant of the higher dose.

Alternatively, if it’s more like the problem I have, which is definitely tight muscles, not nerve pain, you might find a combination of muscle relaxants and ordinary over-the-counter painkillers helps.

All my painkillers are available over-the-counter, but because of how many I get through, it worked out easier and cheaper to get them on prescription. Otherwise I was constantly at the chemist buying just four or five days worth at once, which is the max they’re allowed to sell you. Twice a week for painkillers was getting just silly, so now I can get them in bulk, and they last ages.



Magnesium helps with leg/foot pain - well all joints - just google it. But their is another thread below yours about Epsom Salts. Which is another name for Magnesium. Try it in a bath or soak your feet if you cannot manage a bath. Also, take it in capsule form - you need 750mg a day. l think l might do it right now - soak my feet as they are so painfull.


Hi Jaycie

Im not dx yet (next Tuesday is D-Day - gulp), but my feet burn if I walk more than a few steps… my hands also hurt so much too. First thing in the morning and when the pain killers start wearing off is awful as I feel like I can hardly move at all what with the burning feet and the painful hands.

I am hoping to get some better pain meds next week as my GP doesnt want to prescribe anything else until I see the neuro again.

So I just have to put up with this pain for yet another week now :frowning:

Hope you feel better soon

Paula xx

Like you Paula I get terrible pain in my hands. I hope you get on okay next week

Jaycie x

Jaycie, do you get pains going down your arms towards your hands too? And, my right foot turns out (over the past 6 weeks or so) and just wont straighten up at all…so I walk with a really weird limp… very strange :s xx

I have pain in my arms and hands, my hips, waist, back and legs all of the time, it is painful wether sitting or standing, but when I walk the further I walk the more painful it gets, like burning hot rods up through my legs.

Jaycie x

I have pain in my arms and hands, my hips, waist, back and legs all of the time, it is painful wether sitting or standing, but when I walk the further I walk the more painful it gets, like burning hot rods up through my legs.

Jaycie x

Sounds like me Jaycie… well I will know one way or another next week (I hope to know anyway!). I am only really pleased that the twitches I have got are everywhere APART from my face :smiley: would be funny to imagine me with a weird limp and a twitching face. xx


After reading the post about soaking ones aching limbs in a bath with Epsom Salts in - something that l grew up knowing about - but had forgotten - So last night l ran a bath and put a mug full of epsom salts in - Now l never bath - as l find it so difficult to get in and out - also it just saps all my strength - but my legs back knees and feet were killing me - so l thought l would try it. And it did work - after struggling to get in - and soaking for about 25mins - the pains had gone - and l even managed to get out of the bath without too much of a struggle. Went straight to bed ‘without’ taking my usual cocktail of painkillers - and half the amount of amitriptyline - did not need to ‘top’ up during the night either.

l am also taking magnesium capsules - Epsom salts is magnesium oxide. When l googled Epsom salts l was surprised to see it it also used on elderly arthritic horses. l know my parents use to give our elderly dogs a tiny amount in their food.

So if you can’t get into a bath - it would be worth soaking your feet in a bowl of hot water with the salts in. lf there is going to be a sudden resurgence of Epsom Salts sales l think we should be buying shares!!

lts good to find something to help which does not involve swallowing more pills.


Yes it hurts my feet to walk as well or even just standing hurts my feet I usually just keep going as I know I need to fight through the pain and get things done…