Feet pain

Hi all and happy new year to everyone.

does anyone suffer from painful feet?its almost like all my muscles have been stuck together and trying to get them apart is awfully painful.


Hi sue my feet are also very painful its like the muscles and skin are at breaking point and cant get them warm just ordered myself some wool socks and leg warmers to see if they help . i take gabapentin for pain but some days it dosent touch it yesterday was very bad could have happily chopped them off. Take care Katy

Yes, and not had any relief no matter what. Just finishing a month’s trial of gabapentin, because my neuro was convinced it was neuropathic, but have decided to wean off, as it’s doing diddly squat. I don’t want to take something all the time that isn’t helping.

I’m convinced it’s muscular. It’s mostly the tops of my feet, and feels similar to cramp, except it’s permanent (I do get cramp too, in the same places, but that’s on top of the pain I get all the time). Have had it years - it started well before I was diagnosed, and is getting worse.

Taking a cocktail of baclofen, diazepam, quinine, codeine and ibuprofen at the moment. Between all of them, they do afford some relief, but I’m still not pain free. It’s not an agonising pain, but it is constant, and depressing.

I can’t even wear my carpet slippers (mule-type slipper) any more, because the edge of the slipper - which is only soft velour - cuts into the painful places on the tops of my feet. I can’t wear any kind of sandal for the same reason - straps cut/hurt.

I can only wear shoes that enclose my foot entirely - i.e. trainers or walking boots, or in the house, slipper boots - so there are no straps or edges on top of my foot.

Last time I wore my trainers for an extended period, they weren’t so comfortable either, so I think I’m down to my last pair of outdoor shoes (walking boots) I can still wear. When they wear out, I don’t know what I shall do.



Yeah I get it in my toes of all places. I spent all summer when I was indoors in bare feet. That was the only thing that was comfortable.

Cant wear slippers any more but I have discovered slipper socks, they are wonderful.

i can wear flats ( M & S foot glove) when I’m out but as soon as I’m indoors the slipper socks are on or bare feet.

Cant seem to wear trainers either they play havoc with my balance.

Mags xx