New sensation - Feet hurt

I have developed a new sensation. The bottom of my feet hurt, as if I have been walking on pebbles all day without shoes on. Very painful and very annoying. Anyone else get this and any tips for getting rid of it?

Does it feel like you are actually walking on pebbles? I had precisely that during my last relapse. Might be worth checking out with your MS nurse - especially if you have other symptoms going on.

Best wishes

I have been getting similar to this for about the last couple of years. At first it would only happen when I first get out of bed and then as time went on it became more frequent. Now it happens practically every time I start to walk.

I am afraid I don’t know how to get rid of it.

With mine it’s the tops of my feet. Going on for years (pre-diagnosis) and getting worse.

Neuro & neuro physio didn’t have a clue, and have even raised doubts about whether it’s linked to MS.

Reluctantly agreed to try Gabapentin, just in case it was nerve pain, even though I had no conviction it was. As expected, no benefit. But at least I can’t be accused of being unwilling to try.

I think this pain will stop me walking before my legs actually pack up. In the end it will get just too painful to keep persevering, even while the mechanics of walking are still intact. I’m about to massage in Voltarol as we speak. Getting through a load of that, and codeine, and paracetamol, and baclofen, and diazepam.



i have had trouble with toes-different from what u say but same area!

heres my post from last year…

you may find some tips.


I have had this for over 12 months now too. It is horrible, though some days are worse than others. I think that using shaped, gel or foam insoles help a tiny bi whilst walking, but nothing I have found helps for when just sitting or in bed, and they still hurt, apart from getting them really really hot, and then letting them cool down as quickly as possible! I don’t know why, maybe it just confuses the nerve signals? Hope you find something that helps!

I remember years ago (when I could walk properly!) describing the feeling like when as a child you’d wear a pair of wellies and they’d ‘eat’ your socks. It sounds a bit like an extreme version of that.

The heat/cold thing I still get though. Some days one foot is freezing cold and the other is burning hot. I often go to bed with one foot wearing bed socks and the other foot needing a cold pack!