So much pain in ankle bones

My ankle bones when I’m walking feel like they are in so much pain they do get slightly better as am day goes on. But they are unbelievable in the morning and from 4pm kind of time. My whole body feels like it’s tight. Em x

I’m exactly the same, worse in the morning and evening. When I get up out of bed, I’m scared to stand up as it feels like my bones are going to shatter. I take gabapentin, which helped at first, but seems to be loosing it’s effect now. Time to try something else I think. Are You taking any neuropathic pain relief? Hope it eases for you x

I am the same, it feels like my bones hurt not the fleshy bits.

Same with Gabapentin I got some relief at first but even on 600mgs 3 times a day the effects are wearing off.


Yes I know what you mean. I told my doc and neuro that it feels like i’m walking on the bare bones, like thete are no muscles or anything… They looked at me like i’m bonkers I take gabapentin 900mgs, Amitriptaline 50mg and Tramadol Krissy x