The pain in my legs makes me cry

I just dont know what to do.  As you will see its 04.52 in the morning and I have been awake all night.  I just dont know what do do.  The Gabapentin is useless.. as per my post at 22.30hrs when I was going to bed.... this just proves it.

Its gonna be a long day.


Morning, I can really understand how you feel, I too get the leg pain, and in my right foot, and now it's started in my face, I take Gabepentin, 1800mg a day, and it's just not working anymore, I only increased it 4wks ago by an extra 200mg, nothing, I go for an assessment at the end of the month, so I think I'll be having a chat about this, it takes me ages to go to sleep, then when I do get off I wake for loo breaks and then the cycle starts again, to be honest there are times when I just feel like coming off all my meds, you take good care, Jean x