Hello, I have just stated taking Gabapentin for pain. It works well in beating the pain, but I have found that it makes me too weak to walk just after taking one a day.

i won’t be going up to three a day but I will use it on the days whe I find the pain too bad.

does anyone else use this only occasionally and, if so, what is the best time of day to use it?

thank you


I tried gabapentin a few years ago for pain. It solved the pain problem but seemed to turn my legs to jelly!

When I read the contra indicating so it mentioned that one in a hundred would experience difficulty walking.

that was me, so I gave it up.

I got to the point after a while that I was so used to taking it that I didn’t get any drowsiness of jelly legs. I got up to 900mg 4 times a day. I was recently switched to Tegratol because my facial twitch got bad. It helps the twitch but not the pain.

Keep going with the Gabapentine. You’ll get over the side effects.

Hi Bernie

I take 900mg a day. As you’re finding, they can cause muscle weakness, so I choose to tolerate any pain in the day and have them before going to bed. I tend not to get much pain during the day anyway, but it’s harder to deal with when I’m trying to sleep.

If you find it too hard to deal with though, I’d speak to your doctor to see what alternatives there could be.


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I take 3000mg a day but its been a very gradual increase over 10 years. I find it very effective and the side effects when I started taking it soon went. Try to stick with it for now as the benefits for neuro pain relief can make life a little easier.

Frances x