Gabapentin users/

Hi. I have been put on gabapentin to try and relieve my leg pain. I was started off on 900mg When this didn’t help, i was told to keep increasing this by 300mg every few days until i found some relief. I have increased it up to 2400mg and it hasn’t helped at all. Can anyone tell me if they are on higher doses of this and found it works, or is it time for me to change this medication? I’m a bit scared to keep increasing it.

Thanks in advance, vicky x

id stop increasing it and go see your doctor as soon as you can, go back to a lower dose, im pretty sure the dose you are on now is way to high, go back down to a safer level, ill look into it more now for you

thank you vicki, your message was very much appreciated x

The maximum is 3600mg per day.
I am currently between 2400mg and 2700mg (divided over three doses each day).
2700 definitely works for me, but 2400 is marginal (but I take too many pills as it is).
The big trick seems to be to spread these doses out over the day.
If you take them too close together, you can end up with a gap where there is none in your system - and along comes the pain.

Try to get an 8-hour spacing between doses if possible.

I got this wrong a few months back. An early night and a lie-in had me with the whole left side/arm/leg in pain.
A quick grab for the morning dose (without waiting for breakfast) had the pain relieved in less than an hour.
A nice thing about Gabapentin is that you can take it without food.

There are stronger painkillers (like Pregabalin) if the maximum dose does not work - but I do not like the look of the side effects.
Of course, that day may yet come …


I got pain relief from first dose and have took 2400mg daily for 9 years.I have told my GP that I don`t think they are now helping pain so trying to reduce them.The side effects are not nice and if you are not benefitting from them tell your doctor you wish to stop them.

ive taken 3600mg a day for the last 3 years. if i drop down they dont work for me.

everyone is differant though so its finding whats best for you

just wanted to be on the safe side as that amount sounded too high, sorry if i scared you, but the amount is ok as others have said here

Am usually on 1200mg per day. Some days I find I have to hoick up my Gabapentin (like today) for a few days but never needed that high before. Looks like you’ve had some good advice but if not working maybe theres an alternative that will work better for you?

H x

thanks all. will be more careful on the spacing as i am a bit slack in that department. my father was on pregablin (also has ms) but said they were horrendous so avoiding them. pain seems to be getting worse not any better so i’ll give my doctor a call x