Gabapentin what is the limit please?

Hi folks

I’m currently on 2400mg of Gabapentin per day and will very soon being going up to 2700; what I’m wondering is, what will happen when I reach the limit, what better drug is there for the old 'burning in the soles of the feet.

Thank you for any replies

Wendy x

The Gabapentin limit is 3600mg/day. This could be 900mg four times daily, or 1200mg three times daily.

My neuro is talking about putting me up to the limit (from 2700mg/day) if needed. This would be done by my GP Surgery, as they write the scripts on the neuro’s advice. The next step up is to Pregabalin - which has a longer list of side effects, so I want to avoid this if possible.


Thank you Doctor Geoff, actually didn’t mind just sitting down when the feet got too sore Neuro said I need to stand more, so started on Gabapentin, now if I miss a dose boy do they burn, don’t know if they are getting worse or I’m becoming reliant on the drugs.

Thank you anyway.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy

You do need to watch the timing of doses once you gat to the 3 x daily. I found that if I took the late evening dose early, I could wake in the morning with the pain starting - and would then have to make a hasty grab for the Gaba before breakfast (and I normally take it with my heart meds just after brekkie.

Not a serious problem, but one you need to be aware of.


I’m on Pregabalin, I’ve found the timing of taking it very important.

Im on 100mg 3 times daily, does anyone know the best ways of taking it and also is this the max dosage?

thank you



Thanks Polly,


Thank you Geoff, I;ve already discovered this ouch!!!

Hi Wendy,

it sounds as though the gabapentin and the Pregabalin are very similar for timing because I reach for mine first thing in the morning, the only problem is I find my afternoon gets very sore, because I take my second at about lunch time so by about 4pm I’m climbing the walls. Well not literally because that would be a sight to see.

I hope you find your gabapentin working for you soon. Big hugs.

Polly xxx

Do you all really get instant relief when you take your meds? I’m on 100mg Pregabalin in the morning and 150mg arounf 6pm with 50mg Amitriptyline. My feet always burn to a greater or lesser extent but I can’t make any connection with the timing. They are currently burning like crazy and I don’t think I’ll get any relief until I fall asleep later on tonight.I’m PPMS but I wouldn’t have thought this would make a difference in this instance.

Sarah x

Hi Sarah,

im PPMS too! I’m new to this site, I’m on 100mg of Pregabalin but I’m also on topomax which is for my epilepsy but it also helps, as a by product of the tablet, and dihydracodein, I take these with some other meds in the morning in bed before I get up, use a peppermint foot spray then once they’ve worked my hubby helps me get up.

i then do the same routine at night time because that’s the worse time for me, the peppermint foot spray is great for a quick cooling feel.

if you feel like chatting just send me a message, I’m still trying to get my way around this PPMS and this site lol

Polly xxx

I’m on 300mg 3 times a day of gabapentin it’s for back pain I get and it does not help I need to up dose again which I will do next week so thanks for infomation on this I had side effects first time and nothing since so will stay on them for awhile.

You probably need to see your doc again Alysea, I take Amitriptyline at night for nerve pain in my back, Gabapentin doesn;t touch it.

Wendy x

Sorry to butt in Polly and Little Red but my feet are still freezing cold at night, I suppose I am lucky that when I lie down the burning goes off.

Wendy x

Oh why he give it me then lol I saw neuro last week forgot to mention it doesn’t help, I was only just diagnosed on steroids at the moment they make me so hungry argh.

i can’t get to my doc until my walking improves so I’ll wait until next neuro appointment in 2 months time I can manage until then thanks.

whats the Amitriptyline like ? Any strange side effects?

thanks Wendy x

Im on Pregabalin 300mg twice a day which is the maximum dose. I take it morning and night. I initially tried gabapentin but had awful side affects, so was changed to pregabalin.

It’s a personal thing Alysea, you could start a new thread about it and I’m sure you’d get lots of negative replies, Many of us swear by it. You take it at night (as it’s not something you should not take when driving), hopefully like me you should wake up (after a very good sleep) and the nerve pain should be gone.

I was taking it for ‘the hug’ originally, I was able to report back to the doc that it hadn’t helped much but the pain in my back had gone

It’s actually an anti depressant but only if you’re on a very high dose, you’re usually given 10ml to start with and I think the highest dose for us is around 50ml.

If I have cramp like hug, (which comes on when I am stressed) I do take one (as I don’t drive), it helps with sticky situations (like being in church stuck between 2 elderly ladies) doesn’t cause me anyway; any ill effects.

Good luck with finding something to treat it.

love Wendy xxx

I also don’t drive just finished a 5 day course of steroids today, made me feel ill and the pain in my back was bad last night but my ms nurse is going to call me in a few days, maybe she can help until i go back to neurologist in november.

Just had really bad stomache since on steroids but hoping it will pass soon.

Thanks for advice and feedback much appriciated x

Hi - I’m on 2,400 mg Gabapentin (900, 600, 900 dosing) and 20 mg Amitriptyline at night - for me the Amitriptyline combined with the Gabapentin dose keeps the pain to a tolerable level.

When I first started taking the Amitriptyline - I was advised to take it 12 hours before I wanted to get up - so I could evaluate the effect it would have on me.

I have to say, that it worked from the start. No waking the house up with ‘electric shocks’ any more.