Gabapentin wshould I up the dose


I take gabapentin 2 * 300mg a day, thinking of upping to 3* a day My joints and muscles are starting to ache and hurt so consequently I feel quite low. It has become more of an issue during the heat of the summer.

How many of you are on a higher dose and what are your feelings?


hi patrick

i have cut back on my gabapentin, amitriptylene and tizanidine and only take one of each in the evening.

thats because they make me feel stoned and couldnt drive afterwards

i’m going for HBOT 3 times a week and need to be able to drive

carole x

Hi Patrick,
I am on 3x300mg - 3 times daily. Junior Neuro has said this is the top limit, but the BNF says this is only 75% of limit.

I got to the present dose by adding one capsule at night - to cover the longest period between doses. This gave me 2x300 AM, another 2x300 after lunch, and 3x300 at night. When I went up to 3x300, 3 times daily, there was a question about fatigue - on the advice of an MS Nurse I cut back to the total of 7x300 caps a day, there was no noticable difference so I worked back up again to keep the nerve pain in check.

Reading the BNF, I think I would rather not go on Pregabalin or Amitriptyline. I’m quite happy where I am, thank you.