Gabapentin dose???

Hi all. Have been on Gabapentin 300mg x 3 daily for several months for Occipital Neuralgia. Didn’t seem to be doing much good and am now having migraine attacks with aura every day. Just been to GP who says I don’t have ON as you don’t get aura with ON so it must all be migraine. This is rubbish as ON was dxed in hospital and I’ve got all the symptoms! He then said he’d up the Gabapentin as much as he could, but the script he gave me is exactly the same as I’ve been on. Rang him up and he’s increased it (gradually) to 400mgx 3 daily. Am now wondering what strength other people take for neuropathic pain. Have had MS for 40+ years. The ON and migraines are just a bonus. Sorry haven’t been on here lately but been feeling pretty foul. Hope you’re all as well as possible.

Hi belindaR Im on 900 mg 3 x a day have just upped it from 600 mg 3 x a day. In total I think you can take a max of 3600 mg per day in 3 doses. Im really lucky wit my Dr as he wont let me suffer and says I can play with dosages a bit depending on how im feeling. Hope this helps Kate x x

Hi belindaR I’m on 300mg 3 times a day for pain in my leg. Actually went back to Dr because pain has gone but constantly have heavy feeling in same leg. Won’t do anything till I’ve seen neurologist in Oct (when I get results of 2nd MRI) Diane x x

Many thanks Kate and Diane. So my GP upped my dose as much as he could did he Kate??? Obviously not. Wish I had your doctor. Don’t even have a neurologist since I went from R/R to SP and my MS nurse seems to have vanished. Thanks again,

Hi I was on 300g x 3 times a day but began getting more stabbing pains in my head. I have just increased dose to 400g x 3 times a day and for now it seems to have helped. Think it is good to increase slowly so you can find dosage that works for you. It took a while for new increase to work for me but seems to be keeping it at bay on the whole now. My neuro sent a letter to my GP when first diagnosing suggesting dose could go from 900g a day to 2700g a day. I think max is as already said 3600g a day. Mish x

Thanks Spudz. It’s good to know I’ve got a long way to go to the maximum, and Mish - that’s exactly what I’m doing, so lets wish each other luck!