gabapentin!! up 15oomg


have gone up now to 1500mg,and can take an exytra 300mg,if flare up bad,just curious now as why my gp,is now letting me up my meds,i was on 900mg a day for many years,with the extra 300mg if flare up bad.

he is being very helpful with my requests,however it is odd they cannoy find the 2005 barin mri,only a short note from my neuro back then,would pals be able to rquest a copy of the mri report,i was really hoping i could pass it on to my present neuro drmartin for help,am hoping to ask for sme more letters,as i remember it was rhemy left me with soma on my notes ,i think,so i don’t know why my gp passed it on,as if my previous said it.still loooking into things.

love bozxxx

The GP can’t find the report or the hospital can’t find it? If it’s the hospital, then there’s not a whole lot PALS could do other than tell someone off, but if it’s the GP, then all he/she has to do is ask the hospital for a copy. In fact, you can do it yourself if the GP isn’t playing ball.

I think the max dose for gabapentin is 3600, so there’s a fair bit to play with if needed. We’re all different of course, so that some people only need a little for a good effect whereas others need a lot more, so it’s important to find the right dose for you.

Strange that the GP has suddenly started being more supportive. Still, better than unsupportive - no matter what the reason!

I hope the new dose helps loads :slight_smile:

Karen x

hi karen,

thankyou with help with copy of report of mri,i do find it strange it has gone missing,but i will ask if he can ask the hospital,or i can ask through pals.i have been on gabapentin for years now 300x3 daily,first time ,i have been allowed to go up the dosage,with flare ups.

it is a real lift to feel he is really being more supportive ,and helpful,it is hard enough for us living every day with symtoms,and being careful what we do,or we suffer.thankyou for help ,i would be lost if not for the site and good buddies here,means alot.

love boz xxx