any one seen by memory, i've lost it

Hi , i saw my neurologist on monday and have a couple of lesions in my brain, an active one in my neck and she confirmed that i had the o bands in my spinal fluid. She has told me it is possible ms and i would need another attack(this one hasn’t gone yet) or a changed mri.She prescribed something to help with pain in my hands(feel like they’ve been burnt)Seeing my dr next week in which time he hopefully will have my notes. cant for the life of me recall what she prescribed but have a feeling it began with G.Forgot to take pen and paper , my memory is appalling at the moment. definitely taking my partner next time so hopefully one of us will remember what i’m told.Has any one any ideas, if not it can be a surprise next week, no worries. thanks lynn :o

Hi Lynn, Could it have been Gabapentin? I know this is one of the neuropathic painkillers but I don’t take it myself. Someone else should hopefully have an idea of what it’s like to take and also if there is another one that starts with a ‘G’ that I’ve missed :slight_smile: Lynn x

A good plan to take someone else when we go to see the neuro bods - my brain always fails to recall everything said! :roll: I’d suggest garbapentin too, but wait until you see the GP, it can be like an extra birthday pressie come late (or early!) KBO Clarexxx

Same as others have said could be gabapentin i was on this for a while for pain i had to stop due to a side effect im now on pregablin. My memory is awful too but yes defnitly a good idea to take your partner with you.