Neuro put me on this for back pain, been taking it a week doesn’t help so far, only on lowest dose 100mg 3 times a day, how long does it take to work and when do i up dose, my gp told me to go back and he will up the dose for me i read it needs to be done gradually.

Also not dx yet thought i would mention that but the pain is very sore mostly in my back is this normal?

Thanks x

Hi, I find this drug very effective but I am on a much higher dose. I am on 300 3 times a day. You are allowed a total of 3600mg a day according to my doctor so you have a way to go. I noticed a difference when I got upped to 200mg 3 times a day. Good luck, Ann

I was on this for a while for back/hip/ heel pain and tingles etc. but made symptoms worse and felt spaced out & down after a couple of weeks. I am now on Pregabalin which is starting to help and I feel quite happy. Drugs are different for everyone, so I would give the Gabapentin a chance but equally if you feel they aren’t for you, ask for something different maybe :slight_smile: I am undiagnosed and seeing doctor for this, PG

My neuro is a ms specialist he put me on it I felt spaced out first time I took it but it’s not bad now, my gp said if they don’t help go back and he will up dose for me :slight_smile: Waiting for MRI results and appointment for vep I see eye specialist on 16th although think he will discharge me. Thanks all x