Gabapentin Dose for Hug

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing as good as you can.

I am suffering badly with the dreaded Hug. It has been really painful over the past few days. I’ve been really busy so I reckon that is what has brought it on worse than usual. It has always been a tight feeling but over the past few days it has been very painful.

I am on low dose Gabapentin (800mg per day) which I know is very low.

Just wondered how high a dose others are on for MS pain.

Thanks so much for any help. I feel a bit at my wits end today, which is not like me at all.

Shazzie xx

hi shazzie

i was told to take the maximum dose but i can’t remember what that is.

hope the grip of death goes away soon

carole xx

Thank you so much Carole. I know you suffer too.

I met up with lots of old work friends last week but think it was a bit much but I really enjoyed it so it is worth the grip of death (good description).

Take care Carole.

Shazzie xx

Not even some Neuros know what the maximum is.
I am on 3 x 300mg, three times daily (2700mg) and have been told that this was the top limit.
I knew this was wrong (from an up-to-date copy of the BNF).

Since then, the senior neuro in that department has talked of an increase to 3 x 300mg, four times daily.
That would match the BNF figures.
But, I do not know why I need an increase - provided I space the doses out, I have no problems.
I do have some pain, but it could be Arthritis, so I put up with it.


Maximum dose is 3600 mg daily as told by my gp and two neurologists.

I’m still an ms newbie so forgive my ignorance. What is the hug? I have noticed sometimes after taking the dose that my heart starts to race, having read your comments I realise that it could be characterised as tightness, is this the hug? I am on 500 mg three times a day.

Thanks for your replies.

The hug is a tight band round my ribcage and lately it is accompanied with pain too. Like a cramp pain.

Hope yours improves soon.


Thanks Jen. And thanks for the gentle hug.

Shazzie xx

Had the hug once it hurt a lot this was before I was diagnosed, lying down flat for 5-10 mins really helped ease it, can be very painful, I was on gabapentin 1500-2000mg a day didn’t help now been put on Pregabalin will see how this does for me.