Feeling Very Low

Hi everyone

I have had a terrible night. My MS Hug was at its worse. The crushing pain took my breath away.

I am seeing my neuro on Weds so I will mention it to him. I know he will say to increase my Gabapentin. I take 400mg at night before bed but my neuro has told me in the past this is a low amount so I am probably not taking enough. He also mentioned Amitriptyene which is supposed to be good for Hug symptoms.

Thanks for listening. I am feeling really low today which is not like me at all. Being tired because was awake all night isn’t helping.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

I just typed a bleedin’ long reply to you, but it’s gone - it is nowhere.

After I’d hit “Post”, I suddenly found myself reading fluffyollie’s post about a bad rebif experience - i.e. absolutely no connection, and don’t know how I ended up there.

Anyway, the gist of it was no, it’s not like you, but we’re all entitled to a crappy day sometimes. I had one last week, and most unusually didn’t go to college - I think only the second session I’ve ever missed. Then spent all day feeling guilty and morose about not having gone. :frowning:

Hope it’s just a blip for you, and that tomorrow will be better, and also that your neuro has some ideas on Wednesday.

I am not sure about just continually upping the Gabapentin, as I thought “the hug” was a spasm of the tiny intercostal muscles, rather than nerve pain. I can’t recall if you are already on Baclofen - or if you tried it and didn’t get on with it.

But I would have thought a muscle relaxant/anti-spasticity agent might be more effective than just keep increasing neuropathic painkillers.

I’ve never been a regular sufferer of “the hug”, but since I’ve been on Baclofen and diazepam (the latter only at night), it’s got rarer still.

I’m not finding this time of year is helping things. True, it’s a beautiful day today, but still freezing, and I am finding the cramps and pains start at three o’clock in the afternoon, instead of bedtime. Two days in a row, I just haven’t been able to control them (actually thought I’d forgotten my pills, but hadn’t), so I think it has something to do with the weather.



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hi shazzie

hope you stop being hugged.

a misnomer if ever i heard one.

hugs are supposed to be nice and cuddly.

i call the ms hug the grip of death!

amitriptyline is a nice gentle med and the only side effect i’ve had is it makes me sleep so i only take it at bed time.

sending nce gentle hugs to you

carole x

Thanks so much Tina and Carole. It makes me feel better talking to my mates about it.

I really thought the Gabapentin was helping but last night was horrific so now I am not sure.

Wondering whether I should just stop it.

I really appreciate your replies girls and hope you have a nice day.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie, can’t offer any advice sorry. But can offer (((((hugs))))) , the nice kind, and hope you feel better soon. Cherry x

Hi Shazzie, the only thing that helps me with the hug is Solpadol and Valium. I suffer very badly with it Tina is right it’s not nerve pain it’s the tiny muscles going into spasm.

hope this helps,

ann x

Hi sweetie,

Its definitely not like you hun but we are have a bad day every now & again. My large bosoms are always available for the nice hug type and I’ll bake you some virtual cookies. We have snow & I am in work (again) so I think we all need to sit in the warm, cuddled up on the sofa, with fluffy pyjamas on, bedroom slippers and have tea and biscuits all afternoon!! Some cute guys to keep the tea coming and to massage our poor sensitive feet would be an added bonus.

If all that managed to raise a smile then my work here is done.

Look after yourself & good luck with neuro.

JBK xxxxxx

Hi Kelly

Lol!! Yes. you did make me laugh. Got hubby all lined up with the tea and cakes and have told him that you said he should massage my tootsies. (Hope he understands what I meant by tootsies!!) Hehehehe!!

Fancy you have snow. Where abouts are you hun? It is nice and sunny here in Bristol but very cold.

The virtual cookies were very tasty. Thanks so much. You have really made me smile.

Don’t work too hard.

Thanks Cherry and Ann. I will ask my GP about what she suggests for my hug and get back to you.

Shazzie xxx

I’m up in County Durham hun - Its been snowing constantly for about 2.5 hours now - I thought it was too wet to lie - but now, the dreaded white stuff had to prove me wrong.

I’ve actually spent most of my time sorting out my new phone and drinking tea. Now I have a report to write - oh joy.

It will be done soon I hope then home to jammies & bikkies

Hugs sweetie

JBK xxxxx

Ah Shaz, poor baby!

I’ve been on amitriptyline for 15 years and wouldn’t want to be without it. It keeps my chronic back and leg nerve pain away.

It can be hard for some folks totolerate it. You need to start low, around 10mg and work up to a level that works for you. I take 75mg at night.

Luv pollx

You go careful in the snow JBK.

Thanks Poll, Glad that the Amitriptyline is helping you. Will definitely give it a go I think.

Thanks for replying hun.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

Hope your feeling better today and you had a better nights sleep.

I would still recommend plenty of hot chocolate and cookies today though and not going out anywhere coz its snowy/icy and cold. No such luck for me though, have to go to work, yuk!!

Take Care

Cherry x

Amitriptyline is a good all-rounder Shazzie. Does help with pain and makes you sleep. Best taken a couple of hours before you want to go to bed. lt works also as a anti-depressant. Hope it helps you too.

Glad to see your lovely dog back on your post. l have a pic of one of my rescue rotties and his new pal a Romanian shepherd - also rescue. She is a bit of a madam. Bosses the rotts. They give in to her demands too quickly. They are taking up all the easy chairs in front of the wood burner. Now where can l sit?

Hope you will be back to your normal self soon.

Thanks Cherry and F. Yes I love my Shepherd Charlie. He is cuddled up to me now. He knows when I am not feeling too good. Your rotties and Romanian Shepherd sound lovely too. We love our dogs don’t we?

I am feeling a bit better today. I had a lovely nights sleep which helps doesn’t it? Looking forward to seeing my neuro on Wds though to have a nice chat.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

I take Amitriptylene sometimes, but I take it to help me get to sleep. It’s a great relaxant, works treats for me. It’s also an anti-depressant. So if you’re having a bad time of it mood wise, MS hug wise, and sleep wise, it might just help all 3. My one word of caution would be that if you suffer badly from fatigue (as I do), I have tried anti-depressants before which are known to have sedatory effects and they’ve ended up really exasserbating the fatigue. The one I tried that was particularly bad for me was Metazepine, but everyone is different. The Amitriptylene I only take as and when I need to so I can’t really comment on whether it’d affect my fatigue or not, but again everyone is different so it may be worth trying. I hope things improve soon for you Shazzie. Take care,


Hi Shazzie

I totally get how you express the hug feeling and probs with breathing. Once I had a spell that made me shallow breath so much that it effected my oxygen levels and they sent me to hospital. Obviously it was me not breathing deep enough because of the tightness, but its hard to explain to hose in medical profession not familiar with it. Mine did clear up quite quickly after I had a course of iv steroids, but dont like them too often.

i take Amytryptilline at night to help relax all my muscles and ive been on tegretol for years to help with tingling and feelings such as the hug. I know it works, because if i run out, the feeling are there quite quickly.

i hope you are having a brighter day today. I love your dog. I have two beautiful rotties, Eli and Lulu.

take care

Thanks Comet and Kals. I am starting to feel a bit better today after a couple of days of rest.

We all love our beautiful dogs don’t we? Charlie was a rescue and he is 4 years old. He is a big baby and I am sure he thinks he is a small lap dog as he loves to snuggle up to me and stay there as long as I do. He is my friend. I bet your Eli and Lulu are too.

Shazzie xx

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Hi Shazzie,

Glad your feeling better. Still prescribe lots of hot chocolate, cookies and cuddles from Charlie, at least till Friday till the weather gets warmer.

Don’t go out unless you have too, I nearly went ar** over t** last night on my way home from work, nearly resorted to crawling home on my hands and knees!!! Had enough of falling/tripping, its now 8 nmonths since my last encounter with the pavement (hope I haven’t just jinxed that!!!).


Cherry x


Hi Shazzie,

Glad your feeling better. Still prescribe lots of hot chocolate, cookies and cuddles from Charlie, at least till Friday till the weather gets warmer.

Don’t go out unless you have too, I nearly went ar** over t** last night on my way home from work, nearly resorted to crawling home on my hands and knees!!! Had enough of falling/tripping, its now 8 nmonths since my last encounter with the pavement (hope I haven’t just jinxed that!!!).


Cherry x

[/quote] Cherry - My husband has bought a pair of pair of a type of crampons - they are stretchy and fit on the bottoms of your boots/shoes and prevent you slipping on the ice. He got them from ebay - very cheap!

Thanks for that, will check it out. Prefer the staying in with hot chocolate & cookies though, unfortuntately at work this evening again, but off tomorrow & Thursday, so sofa & hot chocolate it will be then.

Cherry x