Gabapentin maximum dose

I`m currently taking 2,700mg Gapapentin daily, my GP informs me that the maximum dose is 3,600mg, my question is what do take next, my only side effect has been weight gain


I was a bit stunned when I read your post, you say that you take 2,700mg daily! Wow.

I’ve just recently started Gabapentin and gradually built up to 300mg, It replaced the Amitriptyline & Baclofen that I was taking previously. I’m dissapointed as I feel that I have gone backwards because my symptoms have worsened. But it’s early days for me yet so I am still getting used to Gabapentin. But if I have to end up taking 2,700mg or 3.600mg like you say, then to hell with that, I’ll see if there is something else.

All the best


Hi Jennie, at my worst I was also on 2,700 a day.

I am not diagnosed yet and have never known such intolerable pain as since becoming unwell.

I didnt get a deal of help from the bacolfen so weened off that an upped the Amitrypryline to 30mg a night and was given some oral morphine for when I really couldnt stop myself from writhing on the bed.

I find the Amitryptyline really helps with the tendon/sinew pain in my achilles, wrists and fingers etc…Do you have that?

If I forget to take the amitryptyline I really know about it.

I am now in my 7th month of being ill and have managed to slowly ween my Gaba down and I am managing to tolerate the neurological stuff that it was masking such as L’hermittes etc. I feel far more lucid with the Gaba reduced…but at the worst time even with 2,700mg it was tough coping with the pain.

Just to clarify…the neuro sensations are freaky and painful as they happen…but the pain I am talking about is like a deep throbbing ache/gnawing in my thighs and biceps predominantly. Bit like being mauled like a bear???

Much sympathy Gillian x

You know when I started Gabapentin 41/2 years ago I read a post from someone who was on my current dose and I had the same reaction as you. Ive significantly reduced my Baclofen as I was a zombie and now looking back I didnt need it as much but the increase in Gabapentin is I think as a consequence of this. Ive never tried Amitryptylline, Im pain free and I`ve got my life back.

HI, I’m on 2700 too but I have been told by ms nurse here that that is the max dose?? I am changing over soon as they are not working as well as they should be…shouldn’t be getting pain on these kind of doses. Apparently the other option ( the name has gone from my head) is a different type, therefore might work better on a lower dose. Not sure that this helps at all!! But you’re not alone! Jo x

It was my GP who said max dose was 3600mg, its about every 6 weeks I increase by 100mg and this is working well. Im painfree. Thanks for your reply I know Im not alone, its good to talk things over.

i take 3600mg at the moment but was on 4800mg for over a year. just went down to 3600mg 3 months back.

Hi there jennieb, you should ask your GP about Pregabalin. My MS Nurse has mentioned this in the context of the Neuro saying that I could move to 2700mg a day, and more if I needed to (I am currently on 2400, with a possible fatigue problem with my legs at the higher dose). She regarded Pregabalin as the next step in pain control.

I looked at the list of possible side effects, and saw that fatigue was still there, so I will not be taking her up on it while the Gabapentin will still do the job. other people on this forum go take it, however.