Hi folks

I have just increased Gabapentin dose to 2,700mg pr day, could you please tell me if there’s anyone on a higher dose than this, as my last Neuro thought it best to change drugs if this dose doesn’t work. I take it for burning on the soles of my feet.

Thank you for any replies,

Wendy xxx

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Hi Corkie

Are you on any other drugs besides the Gabapentin - I am on 2400 mg Gabapentin and 20 mg Amitriptyline as 2700 mg Gabapentin turned me into a Zombie with a variety of pains - together they keep the burning pain under control and the other types of pain tolerable without being a Zombie. Perhaps a combination would help with your pain.

Thanks Theresa

I do take 40ml Amitriptyline too and do find it helps with nerve pain in my back, will watch out for the zombie feeling as I’ve only just started on 2700mg, you never know 2700mg might work, if it doesn’t I will definitely ask doc for something else, I guess Pregablin may the answer but I’m taking too many drugs already and know Pregablin will just mean more dopeiness and I’m dopey enough.

cheers for the reply,

Wendy x

hi wendy.

i was on 3800mg per day about 4 years ago. took it for pain in hip joint.